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Sample CV

This is a real CV that I used for my son a few years ago, when I had the need. CV's come in all styles, some with several pictures on, here is a simpler one to show the basics of what should be covered. 

Please read the additional notes at the end for other points!   




 Born:  January 1993
 Eyes:  Blue
 Hair:  Light Brown
 Skin:  Fair
 Height:  4' 7"  (139cm)
 Weight:  4st 12 oz (30kg)
 Build:  Slim
 Clothes size:  134cm  (8-9 years)
 Shoe Size:  2
 Playing Age:  9-12 Years



2005 (Feb): Played 'Young McDuff' in the RSC production of 'Macbeth', playing at the Alberry Theatre, London

2004 (Nov): Played 'Peter', in the short film 'Beneath the Steel Sky', directed by Shahran Sunny Audit, filmed on location at various locations in London, and Milton Keynes

2004 (Oct): Played 'Boy' in the short film 'Dialogue for One', directed by Jeremy Bond, filmed on location at Kingston, Surrey

2004 (Sept): played 'Young Guthrie', in the short film ' the Real Guthrie' directed by Jason Williams, filmed on location at Camber Sands, Sussex.

2004 (Aug): Played 'Thomas' in the ultra short film, 'There's No Santa Dumbass!' directed by Pier van Tijn, filmed on Location in Finchley, North London

2004 (Feb-Sept): Played 'Nathan' in the National Tour of  the stage musical 'The Full Monty' performing at various venues throughout the UK.

2003 (Dec) - 2004 (Jan): Played 'The Boy' in Bill Alexander's stage production of 'The Snowman', performing at the Peacock Theatre, Portugal Street, London

2003 (Aug): Bullied child in title scenes, and Body double for Sky TV programme 'Little Monsters', filmed on location at Canning Town, London

2003 (May-June): Played 'Thomas' in Christopher Durrang's comedy 'Sister Mary Ignatius Explains it all to You', Directed by Jeremy Bond, performing on fringe at the Barons Court Theatre, Hammersmith, London

2002 (Dec): Played child of 'Family 2' in a 'Kentucky Fried Chicken Bargain Bucket' Ad, filmed on location at Wood Green, North London

2002 (Aug) - 2003 (May) Played Junior ensemble character, 'Rolf' in the stage musical 'Chitty Chitty Bang Bang' at the London Palladium, Argyll Street, London

2002 (Mch): Various background characters in BBC TV show '15 Stories High', filmed on location at Lewisham Swimming Baths, South London

2002 (Mch): Young Footballer in a 'Nationwide Building Society' Ad, filmed on location at Hackney Marshes, East London

2002 (Mch-Apr): Played in various comedy sketches for the adult BBC TV show, 'TV to GO', filming at the BBC studios, London and on location in Hammersmith, London

2001 (Jan-Apr): Played Medea's son in Debora Warner's 'Medea', performing at the Queens theatre, Shaftesbury Avenue, London.

2000 (Oct): won lead role of  'Poor Baby' in Andrew Lloyd Webber's 'Whistle Down The Wind', Aldwich Theatre, London. Unfortunately the show closed before he had the chance to play the part.



Can speak with fluent Queens English, Cockney English, Northern English and American Accents. Has a very good ear for new accents.

Attends Splendid Spirit Performing Arts Group, learning Acting, Singing and various dances.

Skateboards, Cycles, Rides Horses, Ice skates, Rollerblades, Plays Football (Soccer) and Cricket

Reads, Plays computer games (Gameboy, X-Box, Playstation), practices magic tricks (invents Card tricks), computer literate using internet regularly, listens to various types of music especially Eminem, Enya and Avril Lavigne.

Tommy is a very bright boy who is in all top streams in school and who receintly passed his 11+ exam. He is a very quick learner who likes to be kept busy and active.

Tommy has always been a popular cast member when working, demonstrating a mature professionalism, whilst maintaining his own well mannered, fun loving, relaxed and happy go lucky attitude.



(Agent) A&J Management, 242a The Ridgeway, Botnay Bay, Enfield, EB2 8AP   Phone: 020 8367 7139 / 020 8342 0542 / 020 8342 0642  E-Mail: info@ajmanagement.co.uk

(Parents) ****


Photographs should be clear and show your childs face off to its best. Therefore try to avoid hands or hair covering their best feature!

Be realistic about what you put: if they can't really play an 8 year old, - don't say that they can, if your child is fat, say so - there are calls for every shape and size!

Put down all professional work, voice overs, photographic work, TV and Filming etc. (no matter how small -unless they start getting bigger parts - then you won't need a page full of  'Extras' roles when you are trying to show his successes) Always put the most receint parts first. If there is no professional work to list, put down amateur work that demonstrate the skills that the child has.

Try to keep it as simple as you can. No-one wants to wade through pages of waffle, when it can be summed up. Some people looking at these simply don't have the time to go through pages and pages!

I have been told not to bother bringing a CV to an open audition. They want to see each child on his or her own merrit, and again do not have the time to read pages! The CV may well end up in the bin in this case!

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