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Your Real Experiences

This page will be dedicated to YOUR experiences, good, bad, funny, serious, or simply of interest. If you feel able to write a piece that shows how different aspects of this industry affects the children we are supporting, or shows what they are expected to be doing, please feel free to contact us!

All pieces accepted should demonstrate fact, not opinion, say nothing slanderous, and only contain first names to protect people's privacy as much as we can (without wrecking what could be an important example of what other children will possibly experience). If you are able to support your story with a picture (in JPEG format please!) all the better!

To read the submitted stories, click on the relevant links below...

Thank You!

An Advert Casting - a Parents Perspective

A Film Casting - a Child's Perspective

An Afternoon of Castings

My First Casting - Ever!

Filming on Location - a Childs View

My Agents Audition

Voice Work - A Childs View

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