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Hello, and a warm welcome to the 'Not a Pushy Mum' Web Site - a site aimed at giving parents of performing children as much advice, information, and help as we can.

About Us

As parents of several performing children, we have found that there is a startling lack of information available regarding children in this business - and what there is, is usually dotted everywhere and often hard to find (unless you know exactly what you are looking for). Parents will, therefore, often help their children in their chosen hobby or career, completely blind as to what to expect, - or indeed, what is expected of them. It can be quite a shock to some. We hope to help put this right.

Why 'Not a Pushy Mum'? Well the name was an obvious one really. We all know the story (and we all know it's NOT true!) - yet we, as the parents of performing kids are automatically frowned upon and labelled with the 'Pushy Mum' title. (You don't usually hear the term 'Pushy Dad', - but you ARE included in this!) Parents who take their children to sports such as football or swimming and encourage their competition, are never called 'Pushy Mums', the title is exclusively ours. Very few people outside this industry seem to understand our kids passion for performance, and our aim as parents, to love and support them in it. WE know that in reality, at least 90% of us are in fact NOT PUSHY MUMs at all - although we could quite probably be described as just