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What ever happened to....

...is a question that many of us ask ourselves from time to time, especially when we have just seen that child on a film, a replay of an old TV series,  heard them on the radio, or even seen their faces in a magazine. 

Sometimes, however, the question should not just lay there.....especially with us, as the parents of future hopefulls. We, more than anyone, should be mindful of the pitfalls, and tragedies, that can follow a young actor, singer, or model to stardom (or not as the case may be). Many people in this industry will be just getting on with their jobs, using our children, sadly, as simple commodoties to fulfil their projects. It will be our responsibilities to protect, and guide, these young people into adulthood safely, and one of the best ways that we can achieve this, is to learn from those that have gone before us, - either successfully, or with terrible consequences.

Please read these, bearing this in mind.....

I will be adding more biographies on here as I find out about our former performers, both big, and small.

Jack Wild (1952-2006)

Mark Lester (1958-)

Lena Zavaroni (1963-1999)

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