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Site News

March 2006: After months of the site growing so fast that we crashed regularly, we move to another host! The whole site has to be re-entered...again! A new piece added tho, another contribution from producer, Meredith Garlick

28 December 2005: Some contributions have been added from Casting directors Pippa Hall, and Claire Toeman! Very interesting reading!

8 November 2005: Sorry this page hasn't been kept up...but I have been constantly tweeking and adding little bits!!! At the end of last month, we exceeded the bandwidth allowance because so many people visited this site!! Excellent news!!

Jan 2005: Site re-entered following Host crash!

10 Sept: Real Story 'Filming on Location' added, New auditions added

25 August: New section added (Hints and tips), Auditions added, My first Casting added to the Real stories pages, some alterations on existing pieces - licencing, chaperones, agents, 'News' section changed name to 'Job Search'

1, 2,&4 August: Auditions added

3 July: Auditions added, Extra agents added to list

4 June: Real Story, 'Film Casting - a childs perspective' 3rd childs piece added. More Auditions added.

3 June:  Real Story ,'an Afternoon of Castings' added

25 May: What to expect in Theatre added, Real Experiences made more accessable. A little tidying up!

12 May: First part of Training , more links, more Agents added.

8 May: After many problems, finally the Forum has been sorted! Come and talk!!!

17 April: Chaperones, Child FilmAudition Experience, Parents Casting Experience, Related Links added

13 April: Agents Piece edited, initial site published

7 April:  Home, Welcome and casting/Audition piece started

Special Thanks to:

Special thanks go to: Sarah Culverhouse, Jo Hawes, Paul Adams, S.W and D.T (you know who you are!), Debi Clark, Gwen Medd, Pippa Hall, Claire Toeman, Meredith Garlick, Steve Turnbull, and everyone else for their support and encouragement!

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