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Auditions and Castings

Audition and Competition News! Please remember, that although some Student and Short films are unpaid, they are fantastic opportunities for experience, excellent entries to a resume, and usually pay expenses so that you are not out of pocket! An ideal starter or filler for anyone... For anyone interested in placing an ad onto this site, with parts for children (only), please e-mail us with details of the part you wish to fill, a production title, and a cut off date, that you will need applications in by. For our records we will need a contact phone number (landline preferably) and a contact address. These details will not appear on any ads unless specified.

Please try to remember that children need to be licenced to perform especially if they are required during school time, and that most councils will require 21 days notice. We will still place ads with less notice than this, but you will need to be aware of the Laws regarding Children performing (see the licencing section of this web site). Thank You.

Looking for more ads? Also check out the 'Audition News' section of the Forum. Anyone can place ads there that they find, or want to place for themselves.....Many thanks to members and guests for the growing number on there!

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  NOTICE: All new castings and auditions are currently being added to the Forum, under the individual ages 0-8, 9-15, and 16-20. Please check there until further notice: http://www.notapushymum.com/phpbb/index.php  



Closed Auditions Apr-Sept 2004

Closed Auditions Apr-Sept 2004/05

Closed Auditions Apr-Dec 2005

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