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Who's Who

When your cherub arrives home from work saying 'The Swing tripped over the Dresser's foot and fell into the Soundie's arms' You would be totally forgiven for thinking that he'd been working too hard! In fact many terms for the people he may work with, will be spoken to you as if you are as knowledgeable as s/he is, so to help you, here is a list of some of them!!!

AGENT finds work for an actor for a percentage of his earnings

ART DIRECTOR conceives and designs sets

ASSISTANT DIRECTOR  ('AD') responsible for schedules,ensuring everyone is where they are supposed to be, smooth running production. AD's are often also called the 'first', 'second' or 'third'  (first having the responsibilities of the main cast, the second the logistics of all the crew, and the third the extra's)

BEGINNERS people in the first scene of a play

BEST BOY assistant to chief electrician

BODYDOUBLE  person filling in for principal ,in shots where identity can be obscured (eg. from behind, at a distance, below neck etc)

CASTING DIRECTOR hired by the producers of the show to find the talent for the director or producer to choose from

CHAPERONE  responsible for the care and well-being of children during production

CHILDRENS ADMINISTRATOR oversees all aspects of children in production, sets up licences, auditions, schedules, and chaperones

CHOREOGRAPHER responsible for setting the dance moves and sequences

COMPANY MANAGER  supports cast and crew, in a non-production perspective

CONDUCTOR director of the orchestra

CREW backstage people who do all the technical tasks during the show

CRITIC writes the reviews on the production

DANCE CAPTAIN one of the dancers in a show, responsible for leading rehearsals and warm-ups

DEPUTY STAGE MANAGER  prompts actors, cues technicians, notes changes to dialogue, moves and set requirements during rehearsals

DIALECT COACH specialist in teaching actors specific accents and dialects

DIRECTOR   co-ordinates all artistic aspects of production from start to finish through casting and technical co-ordination.

DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY supervises all aspects of lighting, camera position set-ups, lenses, filters, film processing, and camera crew 

DOLLY GRIP crew member who moves piece of equipment allowing camera to be mobile (the Dolly)

DRESSER helps actors get into costume during quick change

EDITOR puts shots filmed, together into sequences or scenes

EXECUTIVE PRODUCER responsible for day to day decision making on a production

EXTRA person playing background roles

GAFFER chief electrician

LEA (Local Education Authority) council department responsible for issuing licences for performing children

MUSICAL DIRECTOR responsible for the music in the production

PHOTOGRAPHER person who takes photographs

PRINCIPAL person playing one of the main roles in the production

PRODUCER brings together all the aspects of a show such as the script, director, actors, then oversees the production until its release

PRODUCTION COMPANY company actually making show

PROPERTIES MASTER responsible for getting or making the small items used during production

RUNNER person doing mundane fetching or carrying

STAGE MANAGER   responsible for the smooth running of a performance, the liaison between director and technical staff

SOUNDIE sound technician

SWING person in chorus who fills in for any absent performer

UNDERSTUDY  covers featured player's role if he is unable to do so

WARDROBE MISTRESS responsible for making, repair, and washing of the costumes

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