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My Agents Audition

After I had been in the car for and hour and 45 minutes, trying to find the college where the auditions were taking place, my mum and I sat in the large carpark for about an hour. We arrived there at about 1.45 and my audition was at 3 oclock. At about 2.30, we saw some people wondering in so my mum decided to go into the hall and check if they were for the same audition. They were so I went into a long, stuffy corridor and filled out a form. I was number 29 and I was half an hour early! A girl I was talking to later arrived at 3 and she was number 58! I found a small classroom to sit down in and I went over my lines. There were no refreshments and the toilet was locked so that wasnt an option either. All the little 7 year olds started to get irritated and many started to cry.

At about 4.30, I was called in. It was a large room, covered completely by mirrors and in the corner were 3 friendly looking people. They asked me to sing my song and then do my monologue then they had a conversation with me for about 15 minutes. They weren't asking anything unusually, but they were just trying to make me feel more comfortable, asking where my surname came from etc. After 5 days, I recieved a VERY long letter, explaining that I had been accepted into the agency and all the rules.

Although the day was very tiring, I now know to take along my own refreshments and to have gone to the toilet before arrival. Oh, and also, make sure you know your lines VERY thoroughly because they stopped me half way and asked me about the mood of the character and then I was to continue, if I didnt know it off-by-heart, I would have completely messed up!

Kimmi (13)

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