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My First Ever Casting!

My name is Beth and I am 12. I go to the Wizzkidz filming agency. Yesterday I was called for a casting for an advert (from Spotlight). It was my first ever casting for a TV type of thing so I didn't know what to expect! My mum took me down on the train to London and then to the place we'd been told the audition was. I was surprised to see so many other girls there! I didn't know how many people wanted what I wanted. To be an actress. I definately learnt a lot from going to the casting, even if I don't  get the part it was still very worth while. I learnt to always take a piece of paper with all my information on, because I didn't know my exact height or anything else like that. I also learnt that it is best to be on time, even if it means sitting around, because I had to go to the loo, and fill in a form, and get used to the other people around me. I also met other people who you could say were a pushy mum, which was off putting, but at least I know the sorts of people who are in the world of acting and performing!! I hope you have found this e-mail interesting or that it might be able to help others who havent ever been to a casting yet!


Beth S (Aged 12) from Cambridgeshire. August 2004

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