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Our 'Kellogs' Casting

We were phoned by our agent, the day before, and told that there was a casting for brothers in a Kelloggs Advert. We were given the address in London, and told that we had to be there at 4:45pm. I couldn't get anyone to have the baby, so I had to take him along too. The road was relatively easy to find, but the building wasn't - it took a couple of trips up and down the road until we saw another parent and child pressing the buzzer on a doorway between two buildings!

We followed them in, but I realized straight away that I couldn't get the buggy up the narrow flight of stairs in front of me. I took the baby out, folded the buggy down, and left it at the bottom of the stairs as out of the way as I could.Then I carried him, his changing bag, and my bag up, while the two boys followed. When we got to the top, we had to step around people sitting on the stairs. There was a tiny waiting room to our right, packed with people, - some sitting on chairs that lined the edge of the room. The corridor outside was packed with people, and there was another corridor that went off to our left. The next set of stairs that went up, had people on it too. It was in the gap next to those, that we noticed a lady at a desk with some forms and clipboards. We squeezed our way towards her and I asked Tommy to collect some forms and a pencil. I sat the baby on the floor by my feet where I stood, and filled them in. Somebody down the 'left hand' corridor shouted through some names, and there was some movement as people made their way towards her. This left us a little room to squat down by the wall near the waiting room. I noticed a few other people filter past on their way out. 

It took a whole long and boring hour before the boys' names were called, and by then it was stuffy, hot, the baby was irritable, and I was feeling very claustrophobic.

We went to the 'voice', relieved, only to find ourselves being put into another waiting room! At least this one had space for everyone to sit down - well it would have done if one lady hadn't let her 4 children take up the seats (they clearly wern't auditioning) One lady asked her son to stand so that I could sit. He was really sweet and well mannered, and he sat on the floor with my boys. They all got on really well together. The Mum and I talked for a while about her son's experiences, - he'd done a couple of ad's before. A different lady called the boys in turn, stood them near a blank wall and took a polaroid photo of them, clipping the pictures to their forms. 15 minutes later we were called again, with another 2 boys. This time we had to stand outside in the corridor, to our right, outside another door, where we waited again!

This time thankfully, it was only for about 5 minutes! The door opened, some children came out, and the 4 boys waiting, were asked in. We parents waited outside  for another 5 minutes or so, while the casting director ran through the process with our children. David later told me that she spoke to each of them in turn, in front of a camera that was filming them, asking their names, where they were from and a little about themselves. She asked if they had been to Chessington, or somewhere where like that, where there were big rides. They then had to sit on a row of chairs, and each pretend that they were on a giant rollercoaster. They had to do it a couple of times before she said they were brilliant, and that they could go.

When she came out, she asked for me and asked me into the room. Everyone looked at me, as no-one else had been called in. Once in, the casting director asked me if Tommy had ever ridden in one of the  rides where they needed the large safety restraints over the shoulders. She went on to explain that the boys were excellent at taking direction, but they were concerned that Tommy looked too small to be allowed on one of those rides. She even spoke about cushions and padding to her assistant as a possibility, before thanking me, and letting us go. We squeezed back through the remaining crowd, and happily left to get some fresh air and food for tea! The trip home would take another hour yet and it was already about 6:15.

Sadly, we never heard anything more, but saw the advert on the TV about 3 months later.

Sandy  (Kelloggs Casting, 5 Feb 2002 at the Casting Cabin , Denmark Street, London)

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