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Student Short needs Japanese or Asian children 3-11yrs

I'm a graduate student at the London Film School and for my current project titled LOW AND HIGH, we're looking for Japanese or other East Asian child actors between the ages of 3 and 11.

Details of the project:

- 8 minutes, black & white, 35mm film.
- shooting between 29 October and 2 November (though he or she will only need to be available for 2 or 3 of those days at most, which will be specified as we move closer to the shoot.)
- this is an unpaid role, but we provide for all expenses and a DVD of the finished film.

This is a great opportunity to build one's portfolio with a nice, professional-looking 35mm film credit. If
interested, please e-mail Ham Roushanzamir as soon as possible at lowandhigh@hotmail.co.uk.

Many thanks,

Joseph Knowles, LOW AND HIGH, London Film School


Seussical the Musical ; children from 7-18 needed

Dynamite musicals the new Youth musical theatre company  are presenting the musical of Seussical( the Cat In The Hat) ,This will be an opportunity for Kids to appear in a professionally staged production with full orchestra. Robert Kelly is Choreographing and directing he has worked with Diana Ross S Club 7 and Sophie Ellis Bextor as well as appearing in Chicago The Musical, Fame and Saturday Night Fever he has recently been working with a new girl band they are due to take the world by storm, he will be assited by Corin Miller. Musical Direction is by Ron crocker.
The musical  will be performed at the Ashcroft Theatre on 3/4. 02.06, We are  looking for talented youngsters who want to be involved in this amazing musical experience, selection is by audition Only.
Audition 9th of october
Performance House, 20 passey place, london SE9 5DQ.
10-12- dancers aged 7-13 must have strong jazz and singing
1-3- Dancers aged 13-18 must have strong jazz and singing
Dance Auditions you will be taught  a short challenging routine and then you will learn a song from the show.
3.30- onwards. All lead roles 7-18 must be strong all rounders( please prepare song with sheet music).
Terms and conditions apply.for more info please call
Kind Regards
Robert kelly Artistic Director.


Moviemites Agency: Books Open for New Talent! 


Do you have something special?

Moviemites are looking for children who are confidant cheeky…attend acting classes or workshops!

If you don’t attend classes we are creating our own…would you be interested? We will be holding classes in Hertfordshire on a Thursday Evening. The classes will include audition techniques script work and camera work

BOYS – Between the ages of 6-16

GIRLS – Between the ages of 6-16

We work on castings mainly for Commercials, Drama series, and Feature Films.

Come on what are you waiting for give us a call!!!

Our next entries for Spotlight are starting soon so don’t miss out! 

01992 301319





Student Film Needs 7 - 10 year old Boys London Area

Two male child actors required between 7 -10 years, for a 10 minute black comedy being shot on super 16 mm by Diane Moules (currently on the one year Directing Film Course at the New York Film Academy based in London). The shoot will be in London from the 6th to the 9th of October, with the children only being needed on the Saturday the 8th of October.

1 boy 7 - 10 years, with  brown eyes and white origin
1 boy 7 - 10 years, with brown eyes and Philipeno'Asian origin
Travelling expenses, food, and a copy of the final film will be provided.
Please send your cvs to dmoules8@aol.com Applications needed as soon as possible!

Student Film Needs 7 year old Girl (Aprox) Sheffield Area...

This is from Northern Media School, Sheffield Hallam University. We are planning to shoot a 15 minuets low budget short film, ”Water Baby”, and are looking for a child actress. This will be made by DV Cam format and be shot in Sheffield. Unfortunately this is an unpaid work, but we can afford to cover the expenses and certainly give a copy of finished film to you. Also there will be a public screening in cinema in Sheffield. The audition will take place Sheffield (London could be arranged)and the date will be around in the middle of September(I will confirm it soon). The shooting dates will be in the beginning of October in Sheffield.(extact dates TBC)


Water-Baby is an experimental/fiction short film in which a young mother, Lydia, takes her daughter for a walk by the lake. Lydia quickly falls into her habit of fantasizing both the past and the future, locking herself off into a private world. Her daughter, Nicole, seems easily able to occupy herself, throwing herself into her own imaginative world. But despite the massive differences in character and temperament between mother and child, their fantasy worlds keep intruding and impacting on each other. The story turns into a colorful waltz of fantasy upon fantasy, until the breakdown between imagination and reality, mother and child, reaches a dangerous crescendo.


NICOLE - child (around 7 year-old, Blonde hair)

Nicole is an energetic child with a vivacious personality and bright appearance. She is easily able to entertain herself, although beneath this independent streak is an anxious desire for her mother’s attention. She isn’t graceful, but has a strong and tactile personality that strives to make itself felt. She has a colorful imagination that is largely inspired by the outdoors. She loves the activity of being outside, and will find plenty to amuse herself with there.

Feel interested? Get in touch so I can send you the script and provide more information about this project. Please feel free to contact me if you have any question.  

Producer/Director: Johnny Yu, Mobile: 07916269358  E-mail: johnnie_yu0314@yahoo.com.tw



The Surrey Institute of Art and Design Producer Alicia Edwards and Director Hannah Gallagher are currently looking for cast members for their forthcoming production of 'Grandad'. This is the sad tale of an old man whose hobby drives him to his death. Old and lonely Mr Burnes lives by himself and finds that these days collecting balls is his only source of entertainment. His two young neighbours, Daniel and Anthony find Burnes' hobby intriguing and feed his habit on a regular basis. After 'accidentally' lobbing many balls into Burnes' back garden, the two young boys realise it may have been just one two many.

The film will be shot on standard 16mm colour with sync sound.

Cast required:  

Mr Burnes - age: mid 70's to mid 80's, White Hair
Daniel - playing age: 9 - 10, mixed race
Anthony - playing age: 7 - 8, White, Brown Hair
Sandra - age: mid 30's, slightly overweight
Extras - five young boys, playing age: 7 - 12

The shoot dates will take place between the 17th October - 1st November (exact dates TBC) in London / South of England. Expenses, copy of the film and very good broadcast will be given. Please send photographs and resumes to: Alicia Edwards, 24 Guildford Road, Farnham, Surrey, GU99QB OR Email: Aliciae832@aol.com Please send applications by 11 September 2005.



11 Sept 2005

Paid Film –“ After Thomas” - 6 year old boy needed

I am looking for a boy aged 6 – 9  years old for the film ‘After Thomas’. The film is about the family life of a boy called Kyle who has severe autism. We need to find a very bright, good little actor for this demanding role.  The playing age is 6 years but we can go up as far as 9 years, as long as the boy is slight and small for his age. We need  a child who is very comfortable around dogs and is NOT allergic to them!  Please make your suggestions as soon as possible so we can have meetings before/during the summer holidays.

The film is being made by HARTSWOOD FILMS (The English Wife, Wonderful You, Border Café, Men Behaving Badly, Coupling) and will be produced by Beryl Vertue and Elaine Cameron. The script is based on a true story and written by Lindsey Hill. Location and shoot dates (5 weeks scheduled) are to be decided when we have found our boy. A director is still to be confirmed. I’m looking forward to any suggestions as soon as possible please....

Please e-mail a Cv or details, with photo, and contact details to info@notapushymum.com , marked 'After Thomas' and I will forward them onto the Casting director for this. Many Thanks

UPDATE: 1 Aug 2005: Applications still being welcomed for this role

 'Who Rules The Roost' appeal - BBC

It’s a BBC3 / BBC2 documentary series called Who Rules the Roost, which looks at parents who are trying to achieve a better balance between their working lives and their home lives. 

Who Rules the Roost is actually one of the most successful series on BBC3.  It has achieved the highest ratings of any factual show on the channel and has transferred to BBC2, gaining audiences in excess of 2 million. The series focuses on the work/life balance of modern family life. In each programme normal child care arrangements are suspended for a month, allowing each parent in turn to stay at home and look after the family for a two-week trial period. The experiments have often made for inspirational television.

The series has been so successful because it strikes a chord with the audience. The vast majority of working families, whether single parents or in a traditional parent structure, have to balance the demands of their working lives with their desire to spend time with their children. This is an issue which affects all working parents regardless of family make up. Programmes in the past have featured the whole spectrum of hard working people from managing directors to builders, from firemen to chief executives and have touched on several sensitive issues including disability and within-family adoption following bereavement. After the month experiment, couples sit down and discuss what, if anything, they have learnt from their time at home. In the past some families have decided that one or both parents could spend more time at home. Others have decided that their present childcare arrangements are perfect. Regardless of their decision, all of the families involved have described the experience as incredibly valuable. 

The series has none of the negative connotations of some other shows. It is not concerned with bad behaviour on the part of children or conflict in the household.  Rather, it allows participants to take time out from their work life to a fresh look at their domestic situation. The series presents a real opportunity for couples to show all the dimensions of their hard-working lives. 

We are very interested in talking to families with performing children, who might be interested in appearing in the series. We feel that some parents in such families may have serious issues in terms of how much time their children need from them in terms of going to auditions and rehearsals. Perhaps they are looking for a different way to deal with their hectic daily schedules.

Filming takes place this summer.  I’d very much appreciate it if you could include the attached paragraph to your website.  Please do contact me if you’d like any more information,

Christina Daniels, Assistant Producer, Who Rules the Roost, Ricochet, +44 1273 224 826 x281.

126 Dyke Road, Brighton BN1 3TE. www.ricochet.co.uk

 Documentary for Chanel 4 needs Families!!!

I am working on an observational documentary for Channel 4, about families in the UK and came across your website. We would very much like to find whole families that would like to take part in a television show that looks into all kinds of different families from all over the UK.

I would appreciate it if you could either recommend any families / pass on my information to any other parents you may have contact with.

Please feel free to give me a call should you need any further information.

Colette Callus, RDF MEDIA, Gloucester Building, Kensington Village, Avonmore Rd, London. W14 8RF Tel: 020 7013 4588 Email: colette.callus@rdfmedia.com



Commercial Shoot Needs African Children 

Production Company/post facility based in Soho, London, keen to work with new talent for a commercial to be shot in London and broadcast in Africa. A great opportunity to work with a professional team using the latest of filming techniques. As this is not a UK budget, renumeration is modest but open to discussion. Shoot dates to be confirmed - must be available for casting as well as 1-3 day’s work between late June to mid July.
No previous acting experience necessary but candidates must fill the brief in terms of skills required. If this sounds interesting, please send an email stating the role to be considered for in the subject bar, as well as a CV outlining any previous experience and a clear, recent headshot photo of yourself.
Football boy – male, African origin, 10 – 13 years, cheeky, fresh-faced look, footballing skills
Young girl – female, African origin, late teens, very pretty with hip/trendy looks

Please send your details to: Olivia Bellas at  Olivia@ahc.tv 


 URGENT: Paid Film Role for Male 17-19 yr old

Eragon is the lead role in the film. He is a handsome 17 year-old country boy. Although dreamy and a bit shy, Eragon is confident, adventurous and resourceful. Eragon’s destiny is to become the Dragon Rider, a hero who leads a great fight against the oppression of Galbatorix and Durza.

We are searching for a good-looking boy aged between 17 and 19 years  for this lead role. Castings will be held at the end of this week in London.  Please send a recent photo with any suggestions to me as soon as possible. Anyone who is currently sitting exams can be seen when they finish them or at the weekend - but I would still need their details asap. No-one under licencing age should apply. Artistes should be prepared to travel abroad (Budapest) from 1st August for 3 months.

Please send Cv's or details plus photo to Info@notapushymum.com marked 'Eragon'


 Job position Filled

 London Theatre Play  'Running on Empty'

Running On Empty visits 'Sophie' in her childhood and adulthood. Showing to the audience how her mums neglegence and brothers abuse affected her in real life. Its a hard hitting story - and no, there is no happy ending.

Actors are needed for all roles to attend rehearsal a few hours each week - to eventually perform on stage. -It is hoped that we make a turnover - actors will be receive a cut, if profits are made.

We need a little girl (0-5 years old) to play the part of Angela,  Sophie's daughter. For more information, please contact Gal Israel (Writer/director) at gal@galisrael.co.uk

 Short Film  'The Paper Boy'


I need five actors between the age of 12 to 15 years. Four boys and one girl. Please note that three of the parts are non-speaking and very small.

The film begins at the end. We open on the paper boy lying, dying in the street after he's been struck by a car. The film is told in reverse as we follow the boy throughout the day as he goes about his paper round. We also see him encounter various people along the way. Eventually, we end up at his house and see him getting out of bed in the morning.

It's called the paper boy, not only because that's what he does; but also because it reflects how vulnerable we all are, and in particular, children. By telling the film backwards, I hope to evoke the sanctity of childhood and how precious those times are.

Still interested? It's unpaid, however, expenses and a copy of the film will be provided upon completion of the film.

Send cv and photo to:     cassidyjam@hotmail.com (james cassidy - director)


 Youth Audition Workshops - 13-18 years

Pippa Hall (Childrens Casting Director) is hosting audition workshops this July. Claire Downes (Raw Talent Youth Theatre) and Celia Bannerman (Acting for Camera) are lined up to work with the youngsters. Places will be very limited. The workshops are aimed at building confidence and audition skills, and will be film and television based rather than theatre, and musical.

The day long sessions will start with a lively group workshop (30 places)- games, group improvisation, introductions and discussions about audition and presentation. After a short lunch break, the afternoon session will be about working in smaller groups, getting advice, taking direction, and facing the camera.

Do you know anyone who needs help maximising their potential?

All sessions are from 10am -5.30pm and cost £110. The dates, age groups and locations are:

Friday 1 July: London (age16-18)

Saturday 2 July: London (age 13-15)

Thursday 7 July: London (age 16-18)

Friday 8 July: London (age 13-15)

Saturday 9 July: Cheltenham (age 13-15)

Tuesday 12 July: Cheltenham (age 16-18) 

Wednesday 13 July: Cheltenham (age 13-15)

Thursday 14 July: Cheltenham (age 16-18)

Saturday 16 July: London (age 13-15)

If interested, please e-mail Info@notapushymum.com for a booking form or more details. Places are filling fast, and all booking forms need to be in by 10 June.


Short Film needs 7-11 year old boy

AAC films is looking for a child actor( 7 to 11 yrs) for their next digital short film. The film is about a young boy and his mum coming to terms with the father's death. Its an image oriented film with few dialogues. This film is being produced for the festivlal circuit and will also be pitched for television.Sorry there is no payment.  Kindly send us your details and photographs by email. Auditions to take place in 2nd week of June. Child must be accompanied by parent. Please contact  Andy at bobble79@yahoo.com  Mobile:07976557838 

 Kids 'Fame Academy' for Endemol Uk

The makers of FAME ACADEMY are looking for TALENTED KIDS aged 8-12






The PRIZE is a full scholarship to a major stage school!

To enter send a VHS of them performing and telling us a little about themselves. (NO LONGER THAN 3 MINUTES). You should end the tape by explaining


All videos should be sent, complete with a recent photograph, letter stating the child’s full name, age and contact details (address, parent’s contact telephone numbers, email address etc) TO:     

Talent Show

PO Box 43763

London, W14 OTG





Any queries please call: 020 7603 3323


 27 May 2005

LFS Student Film:

I'm with the London Film School, and I need a boy for my  3 minute short film. It will be a 1 day shoot on 16mm colour, and a parent or guardian will be expected to attend at times:

I'm looking for 7-12 year old male actor, preferably with film experience - confident, but with a shy look.
The story is about a boy who wakes up in the middle of the night to find a monster under his bed! I can pay travel expenses and food, also a copy of the DVD. If you are interested, please contact Robert Wilton at robwilton81@hotmail.com. Thanks for your interest!

Midlands Based Children, - Multiple Opportunities!

Possible Dream Productions Limited are a small Birmingham based production company currently in the midst of making a series of short films that are part of an anthology of short films. Each film is a completely different genre from the next. We are looking for actors to play multiple roles in different short films. With the genre's being different each time this provides a really wide experience of acting and film making.

We are looking for males and females from 6-16 of any race to fill the following roles;

male -

Gus aged 8-12 - adventurous boy in a kids adventure story like Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn.

Pip aged 8-12 - adventurous boy in a kids adventure story like Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn.

Inventive kid 8-12 - inventive kid who make a series of gadgets to help get himself up in the morning!

Younger Brother 8-12 - starts a food fight at a family meal.

Older Brother 13-16 - in the middle of the food fight.

3 x 13-16 - in a coming of age drama about 3 lads who find a dead body.

Boy 8-12 - part of a christmas montage film

Boy 8-12 - part of a talking dog short.

Kidnapped boy 8-12 - In a thriller.

Boy 6- 8 - part of fairy tale - modern sleeping beauty

Boy 8-10 - part of fairy tale - modern sleeping beauty

3x Boy 12-14 - part of fairy tale - modern sleeping beauty

Chimney sweep 8-12 - part of silent drama.

Young Zeus 8-14 - Greek Mythology tale.

Female -

Girl 8-12 - part of a christmas montage film

Girl 8-12 - period drama

Girl 6- 8 - part of fairy tale - modern sleeping

Girl 8-12 - part of silent drama.

This is a low budget project, everyone is unpaid but travel expenses will be covered and meals and snacks provided as well as copies of final cuts of films. We'd prefer actors from midlands area but will consider everyone.

If you'd like anymore information or would like to send us headshots/photos/CV's etc. please forward them to either pjrpugh@yahoo.co.uk or to POSSIBLE DREAM PRODUCTIONS LIMITED, 364 SAREHOLE ROAD, HALL GREEN, BIRMINGHAM, B28 0AJ


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