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Health and Beauty

There can't be anything worse than your little star turning up for filming with a brand new bruise on his forehead, or a sudden outbreak of spots! Childrens skin is very sensitive, and as sometimes their 'Face may be their Fortune', some beauty tips can be of use to them too... And in this day and age - that goes for you Teenage boys too!!!

Many thanks to Tonee Roberio at MAC cosmetics for these little pieces of advice to start us off...

  • Try and remove any makeup before your child goes to sleep for the night, no matter how tired they are, it is not going to be good for their skin long term.
  • For Scars, find some Vitamin E oil or gel. (this will absorb into the skin easier), and rub it in to soften the scar tissue, and help the body to heal it better. Cream will do if you can't find oil, but it will sit on top of the skin for longer.
  • For Spots, find some Tea Tree oil and apply to the affected area. Keep all chemicals added to the skin as gentle as possible (eg cleansers and toners), as some of the chemicals added to the stronger ones can aggrivate sensitive, young skin, and make the problem worse! Be aware that fringes can make spots on the forehead worse too (due to the natural grease and oils produced)
  • Tea Tree is also an excellent natural repellent for head lice.
  • For Bruises, apply Arnica. This helps heal them quicker.


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