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Boredom Activities

While children are waiting around, either backstage, or to do their scene filming, they can get very bored. Here are a few ideas to keep them occupied, if you are the chaperone!

  • Magic Tricks. There are lots around to practice, especially card tricks, that pack down to a small pack but number in the hundreds! You will often find surrounding adults that know one or two as well so it becomes a nice interactive activity.
  • Card games. Again there are lots to choose from for all ages, and there are some specilist ones too, Uno, Old Maid, etc.
  • A Gameboy....say no more. (but try to keep volume to a minimum)
  • School  and learning activity books...(this one will go down really well!!!- well, with the teachers at school anyway!), and colouring books.
  • A camera. The childen can take their own pictures of friends or their exciting day (check that this is OK with the poduction crew first though....) sometimes the children can get away with taking pictures that you would not be allowed take!
  • Small toys, EG: Pocket Kites, Polly Pocket, etc. try not to encourage lots of little pieces though, it will be easy to loose pieces and if you don't go back, you will not be able to find them again!
  • Pocket games, Ludo, Othello, Rush Hour etc. Again beware of loosing small pieces!
  • A good book to read!
  • The good old pencil and paper. Useful for drawing, games such as Hangman, noughts and crosses etc, and handy if you want to encourage your child to write short pieces for a diary!


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