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Student Art Film for the Degree Show

Boy aged 5-10 needed: Boy Caucasian, preferably dark hair.
I am in my final year studying Fine Art at Goldsmiths college in London.I am going to make an art film for my final degree show work, which will be shown in the Goldsmiths Degree show this June. This film has no script but is composed of beautifully shot poetic images which will be shot by DV camera and 8mm film.
The film shows a male and a female character?s ambiguous relationship. The male lead is a car mechanic who likes to daydream under the car. The female lead is a woman who is obsessed with ironing. I need a boy who supposed to be the main character in his childhood. He plays with a curtain. It is an easy action. Boy Caucasian, preferably dark hair.Age about 5-10 If any parents interested in showing your son in the film, please contact with me.
The filming will take about an hour and take place in London in the second week of April for the first session. The second session will be the end of April or beginning of May. As this is a self financed film only expenses will be paid in addition to a copy of the final film and a photograph.

Please send CVs and portfolios to: hiroenoki@tiscali.co.uk Alternatively, mail them to: Top Flat, 110 Manor Avenue, Brockley, London, SE4 1TE. I am looking forward to hearing from you. Hiro Enoki
Student Film: 'Reversed Chaos'
We are a team of student film makers looking for two young female actors to take part in our final major project. We are looking for:
Female aged 5 – 10 slight build
Female aged 10 -15 slight build
The Film is called “Reversed Chaos” and explores the hidden emotions behind a face in the crowd; a life lived through torment and tears.  Memories drawn from real experiences, the audience are taken into the complex mind of lead character Jessica Fitzgerald.  It is a survival story of how a triumph over pain, loss and despair doesn’t erase memories.  Reversed Chaos plots a simple day, with flashbacks from a tortured past continuously brought into play.  The paths of life often appear simple to those who don’t really look, the same people that judge because they know not what they set their eyes upon.
Auditions will be taking place next week from Wednesday 6th April through to Friday 8th In Carlisle Cumbria.
Shooting on DV format, the film will be commencing April 17th for approx 2weeks; however the young actors will only be required for a maximum of 2days.
As it is a student film, we are self funded which will mean unpaid acting, although expenses for travel and lunch will be provided to successful applicants and everyone involved will receive a copy of the film on DVD
Anyone interested please send your Photo, CV and Showreel (if possible) to:
Fractured Storm Productions, Katie Pollard, 129 Warwick Road, Carlisle, Cumbria CA1 1LU or Email   katiepollard21@yahoo.co.uk
 Afghan Children needed  for Photographic project

I am currently studying Communication Art & Design at The Royal College of Art.
I am looking for 2 Afghan or Afghan looking children between ages 7 and 13 for Oberon Book Prize project. Ideally one of the children may be from the Hazara tribe. I am illustrating a book called The Kite Runner written by Khaled Hosseini. The book will be illustrated in photography. I need two children to be present in the series of 8 to 12 pictures plus one book cover, which will be exhibited at The Royal College of Art from the 12th of April to the 23rd of April.
Some of the photographs will be realised at the Royal College of Art and some outdoors. I will start shooting as soon as I get the right candidates.All the expenses will be paid and there will be some cash for 1 day or 2 days job. You will also get a copy of your photographs on a CD or printed and both if you want to. 
If interested please send me a photograph by email. soyluayten@hotmail.com  Don’t hesitate to ask any questions if you are confused. I am looking forward to hearing from you. Please pass this request to anybody that might be interested. Ayten Soylu


 Student Short Film  'Oxford Circus'

NFTS animation director is looking for an Asian girl who looks 8 years old for the lead of his graduation film "Oxford Circus". Would help if she has experience of drama school but not compulsory. The shooting dates are from 10th to 16th of April. Obviously the shoot will be done within the regulation of the law.
Oxford Circus is the story of a little girl travelling in the tube with her mother who lets her imagination go wild... What comes out of her world is quite unexpected...                                                                         As this is a student film there is a small fee of £37 per day of shoot plus travelling expenses, food and a VHS tape of the film.
If you are interested or know somebody who could be interested please email estebang@totalise.co.uk  Applications are needed as soon as possible...


 Mary Poppins -West End Production      Open Audition

Children for the London Production of Mary Poppins being sought!

JANE is aged about 11 and under 4’10 and Michael is about 8 and under 4’6.  If you have contacted me and you child is not within these heights we will be unable to see them.  Indeed if they come to the audition and we see they are too tall I am afraid they will be turned away.

The auditions are likely to be held in April and I will email these details to you.  They sing LET’S GO FLY A KITE and will have 4 recalls before they are finally cast.

The Commitment for this call will be from April to aprox Christmas. This will mean that NO holidays will be permitted. If you feel that your child may be suitable, contact Jo Hawes at jo.hawes@virgin.net for further information and audition times

 Student Short Film (Paid roles)
Filmmaker (Andrew Wills) looking for a 25 - 40 year old Oriental actress to play the role of a mother preferably Japanese speaking), and two Oriental children (Age 7-13, Male Or Female), for a Japanese Style horror film to be entered as my final short for the last year of my degree in Film/Video at Northbrook in Sussex.
The film will be shot in Worthing, Sussex during the first or second week of April over a period of 1-2 days. It will be shot on MiniDV using a Canon XM2 and will be approximately 10-15 minutes long.
The concept and style will be based on Japanese/Korean Horror films, such as Dark Water, A Tale Of Two Sisters, and Ju-on: The Grudge.
Synopsis:A single mother, trying to deal with a messy divorce, caused by the loss of her first child, is having trouble coping with her daughter’s seemingly harmless hallucinations. However as events unfold the mother starts to realise that these hallucinations may not just be in her daughter’s mind…
MOTHER (25-40 yrs old): (120 UKP Total)
A desperate, and paranoid mother dealing with a messy divorce, trying to cope with looking after her child, whilst working two part time jobs.
DAUGHTER/SON (7-13 yrs old): (60 UKP Total)
Boy or Girl to play the only child of the mother. Lonely, needy, and imaginative, seems to be suffering from delusions and hallucinations.
IMAGINARY FRIEND (MALE/FEMALE 7-13 yrs old): (60 UKP Total)
Possibly imaginary friend, possibly ghostly, hinted at being the dead son of the mother, coming back to haunt them, and play with the living child. Sinister but playful.
Contact me at wills@mediaspine.com to confirm an interest, along with a picture (if you have one) and any details of previous acting experience, and I will organise an audition for you from there.
If you wish to receive a copy of the script, please request it in the e-mail. If you wish to send a resume, CV or picture via the post please send it to: Andrew Wills, 26 Aglaia Road, Worthing, West Sussex, BN11 5SW.
This is a student funded short and the rest of budget is reserved for props and equipment, but transport can be arranged as long as you live relatively nearby (25 miles from Worthing maximum). If you live further away (i.e. London) travel expenses will be covered as long as it is sensible. Food and drink will be provided on the shoot. If you are cast you will receive a VHS/DVD of the final film to put in your portfolio.
 Student Short Film    'Nesting'
we are looking for a suitable actor to play Robin, we would prefer a local kid though, as our budget would not stretch for 2 people's accomodation.We will pay transport and food expences and provide a DVD of the finished film.Our requirements:
ACTORS WANTED for a Short Film 'Nesting' Produced by the University of Bristol ,  MA Film and TV
14 year old boy actor (The supporting role of Robin Bracken, Lady Bracken's son)
The story is set in 1910 Britain.It is about a wealthy mother of two, who is trying to come to terms with the death of her child. (Production of MA students at Film & TV Production, Drama dept. University of Bristol)
Synopsis of the film:The year is 1910 and Lady Lillian Bracken is in her mid forties. She is an elegant socialite with an innate sense of style. From a twenty first-century viewpoint she has an unusual hobby: she studies behaviour of birds and makes replicas of their nests.Her oldest child Robin (14 years old) is home for the Easter Holidays. Her younger child is a daughter Poppy (12) still has a tutor at home and has been bubbling over with excitement at the prospect of having her brother, father and mother at home together. An excitement that Lillian shares and has been barley able to contain in the past few days.Lillian steps out of her house on a glorious spring morning in 1910 to take a constitutional, the rest of her family goes out riding. Their outing results in a tragedy that will turn Lillian's world upside down and change her life forever.
The story that unfolds in front of us is the physicality of Lillian's grief and emotional journey.
Please contact  Irina Arkhutich (producer) : irinaarkhutich@hotmail.com
Short Film, non equity part for the film 'FETCH!'
We are a student production, looking for a young, white male from the ages of 6-9. He will be the central character, and be on camera almost 100% way through the film, so experience and good acting is required. The coming of age story is about 'Dermot' and his love for dogs, so experience and comfort with dogs will also be required. A mother/father as a chaperone is also important, and we are casting the mother and father roles for the film, so willing actors along with their children would be great.
An exciting, innovative film can later be used for showreels for the young actor, but the adults are largely required for voice over and body shots in a 'Charlie Brown' style film.
Expenses will be provided, as well as food for all actors.
Please contact me on woof_productions@yahoo.co.uk, and we can discuss the casting further, which will begin shooting on 21.03.2005, with some rehearsal time necessary prior to actual filming.
Many thanks!
 Student Short Film 'Secret of the Onion' 

6-10 year old Boy needed to play Tom, in the 'Secret of the Onion'. This is a haunting 5 minute film about a Director, Tom who mess up between his film and reality, illusion and truth, adult life and childhood.

There are two scenes, a conversation in a living room between Tom and another young girl Daisy 5 years old, a flash back mode mixing past and present, in order to develop Tom's psychology and childhood.

Martin Chong the Director is a MA student in the Northern Media School Sheffield Hallam University. We are currently casting the 6min film to be shot on DV cam. Shooting starts the 7th - 13th March. unfortunately the budget is limited to basic expenses therefore we are unable to pay a fee to our actors. However the young Tom's scenes are being grouped for a single day 4-5hours shooting. Expenses and a DVD copy of the film will be provided. Minor must be accompanied by parent/guardian. Please send photographs and resumes to: Yiannis Arsenis (Producer) mobile: 07817763204 e-mail: jars80@yahoo.com Martin Chong (Director) mobile: 07917323001, e-mail: martinyuhlin@yahoo.com Northern Media School, Sheffield, Hallam University, Psalter Lane Campus, Sheffield, S11 8UZ. tel: 01142254604


Short Student Film: 'The Lost Prodigy'       Open Call

2 Boys aged 9-13 needed.

SYNOPSIS: After a long jail sentence, ISA is released from the detention centre and returns home to the council estate. However, the reception of his conservative and religious mother is not welcoming.  With bills to pay and debts to clear, ISA decides to do what he can to help her out amidst the violence steaming from the council estate, the stigma of being a former criminal and trying to win back affection from his mother.What follows is a story for affection and of complication, which ends on a unexpected note…

Character Name: Young ISA: Attributes: Age: 10 – 13 Gender: Male/ Built: Slim/ Ethnicity: Caucasian - Eastern European/  Voice modulation: No concern (high pitched or broken)

Character Name: RUBEN: Attributes:  Age: 9 – 13 Gender: Male/ Built: Any/ Ethnicity: Caucasian - English/ Voice modulation: No concern (high pitched or broken)

REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD CONSIDER THIS FILM?I understand that performing in a student film doesn’t offer the same exposure as a film feature or TV work. However it can help to open doors and presents a chance to create and/or begin a portfolio or showreel from this film. It also can offer you the chance of participating in an alternative, motivating and attractive work that would be challenging for an actor. The acting process for this film will offer a chance for you to have some feedback into the final development of the script (to suit the needs of the character you are to act as).

We are hoping to film around the time of March/April and dates of shoot will vary and occur during daylight. All location will be done within London, mostly North (Haringey area). Final Dates to be confirmed once casting is complete. Unfortunately, because we are poor students we can only provide you with free travel and food/drink during the course of filming. But we are a lively and professional bunch of forthcoming film-makers that enjoy to work hard and fast too! If interested then let me know by e-mail and I will e-mail you the script over. Regards, Shahran Sunny Audit (Director/Screenplay) sunnyaudit@blueyonder.co.uk Mobile: 07963 407 047

 Short Film Needs Child Voiceover           Open Call

I'm looking to cast a very important role in my short film "Yesterdays Boy". It will be submitted to the prestigious "Straight 8" Short film competition, possibly ending up at the Cannes Film Festival if it is selected. The part I am casting is the voice of a young boy to narrate the whole film. It would be very helpful if the child was quite confident, able to sing and preferably under 10 years old or with a young sounding voice. I'm eager to speak to parents who feel their child would be suitable for such a role. The child simply talks about their plans for the future, what they would like to do as a job, i.e doctor, fireman, footballer etc etc ( children usually want to be more than one thing when they grow up which adds to the humour) and then we hear the child sing a nursery rhyme. On screen while we hear all this, we see the same boy in his early twenties living a very different life to the one he wanted to. Now in his early 20’s he has developed a destructive addiction to drugs and lives on the edge of the law. The contrast between hearing a young boy’s dreams for the future and seeing the images of what he has actually become will hopefully result in an incredibly moving film about how our lives can sometimes led us to unexpected places.   Recording of the childs voice should take no more than 1 or 2 days and I'm willing to pay £50 (which I know is very little but the project is completely self funded). I will of course be able to provide a copy of the film on VHS as well. I aim to start filming/recording around the beginning of March but would like to start auditioning as soon as possible. To give you a little background about myself-

I'm a professional 24yo actor who has worked extensively throughout the film and T.V industry and last year I won the Best Actor Award at the New York Film Festival- I'm the youngest person to ever win this award. I am also very interested in creating and developing projects and this film will be my directorial debut. If you would like to know anything else about the project or myself please email me at   ashnewmans@yahoo.co.uk   or call me on 07906 379818


 Billy Elliot The Musical        Open Auditions

We are looking for more boys to play the roles of Billy and Michael in our West End production and are holding the following auditions; for 10-14 year old boys, (Maximum height of 5ft 3ins.) with unbroken voices.

Saturday 12th February in MANCHESTER At the Zion Arts Centre, Stretford Rd, Hulme, Manchester M15 5ZA

Sunday 20th February in CARDIFF At the New Theatre, Park Place, Cardiff, CF10 3LN

Sunday 27th February in LONDON At the London School of Musical Theatre, 83, Borough Road, London SE1
(nearest tube Borough, London Bridge, Southwark)

TIME (for all venues) 9am to register

Bring a recent photo, plenty to drink and lots of energy! You do not have to prepare anything as we will teach you all we need to see.Come ready to dance and sing! Visit www.billyelliotthemusical.com for more info about the show 

 12 feb-

20 Feb-

27 Feb-

 Student Short Film 'a Miscellaneous Story of my Life'  Open Casting

6-10 year old Boy needed to play Edward, in 'The Miscellaneous Story of My Life'. This is a poignant comedy about the disquieting moment in life when a child realises his parents don't have all the answers. Edward, (6-10) is a young boy with a vivid imagination who wants some answers about the world around him.The aloof Father, (30-35) prides himself on his punctuality, yet never has any free time. The doting Mother, (30-35) prepares for any eventuality and as a result nothing ever happens. Their idiosyncrasies fuel Edward's own fascinations about the world and culminate in his decision to discover the answers for himself.

Alex Duncan the Director is at the Art's Institute of Bournemouth  and is casting his10min graduation film to be shot on 16mm - from the 7th - 13th March. Expenses and a copy of the film will be provided. Please send photographs and resumes to: Alex Duncan, 28 Bishop Road, Bournemouth, Dorset BH9 1HB Contact: 0781 4593 143 E-mail: adg27@hotmail.com


Student Short Film             Open Casting

4 Boys, playing age 11 years needed to play 4 bullies in the South Wales area. (please note the part of Huw has already been cast)

Story: Huw is alone. He is constantly bullied at school. Physical and verbal abuse are thrown at the overweight eleven year old on a consistent basis. He has  no one to talk to. He even feels too embarrassed and ashamed of himself to talk to his parents. One lunch time, after being hurled into a wheelie bin by his bullies, Huw discovers a crumpled comic book. Its hero instantly inspires him to make some changes and take action against the bullies. However, the action he takes doesn’t necessarily give him the victory he hopes for…

The shoot will be taking place during February, hopefully during half term (12th-21st).There will be two locations: A primary school and a house in Myrthr Tydfil. It will probably be filmed on MiniDV.We are third year BA students and this is our final film. We hope to show the film at various festivals around the UK. Being poor students the work will be unpaid but travel expenses will be paid for, food provided and a copy of the film given to each actor. Please email Suzanne Kelly at: suzannekelly@hotmail.com  or at  Postal address: 22 Queens Hill, Newport, Gwent, NP20 5HJ


 Student Short Film: 'Leila'             Open Casting

11-14 year old girl needed  to pay the part of a gallery visitor who becomes the confidante of an Arabian Princess who has become trapped in a painting. This is being directed by student Zalfa Chamoun, of the London Film School, and as such, is unable to offer any pay. Please check to see if Expenses and a copy of the film is provided and contact Zalfa for further information on: zalfoof@hotmail.com

 Short Film: '5 O'Clock'                 Open Casting

6-10 year old Boy needed to play Charlie, a good, well mannered boy who loves his mother, but is terrified of his father.Non-Equity. Director: Allison Jackson. 5 o'clock is a short film centering around a mother, father and son taking place in New York (no dialogue so don't worry about accents). Charlie gets abused by his father. It's mum's birthday and Charlie has baked a cake and gives her a gift. Mum opens the gift and it's a handgun. When dad comes home and tries to beat Charlie mum kills him.This is a low budget production, so cannot offer pay. Please check to see if expenses and copy of the finished film are provided. If you are interested please contact: Allison Jackson for further details on: arjackso63@yahoo.com


 Short Film: 'Tessa'                       Open Casting

2 boys playing age 5-8 needed for short drama being made in Feb 2005 in the West Midlands region as part of Script & Light House’s Digital Shorts Scheme. The film is to be directed by Joseph Potts Working as consultant for the production will be Natasha Carlish, whose company Dreamfinder Productions produced the BAFTA winning short film Brown Paper Bag in 2004. 
Filming Dates: 25-28 February 2005. Synopsis: A short drama about loss and regret revolving around a man dealing with psychiatric problems after his wife leaves him. Their son is Jack (5 years old) a bright and happy child.
This is a low budget, collaborative project. A full credit and DVD will be provided, as will food and drink on the days of the shoot. A small fee will be negotiated dependent on the part. Please send CV’s, headshots and show-reels (if available) to the Assistant Producer Paul Fogg, Light House Media Centre, The Chubb Buildings, Fryer Street, Wolverhampton, West Midlands, WV1 1HT.or Email : paul.fogg@light-house.co.uk


Short Film: 'A Plastic Toy Dinosaur'             Open Casting

Non-Equity. Director: Ben Stevens. This is a very exciting film project from North London. We are looking for a small principal crew for 'A Plastic Toy Dinosaur,' a black comedy about a small boy who learns some important life lessons when his estranged father takes him to the park. Actors cannot be paid, but we will provide food, travel and accomodation, if needed. There will also be an option on shares in the film if it is released.
Web: http://doiproductions.blogspot.com
Apply to: Rob Watson, 128 Hindes Road, Harrow, Middlesex, HA1 1RR

1. Male / 6-10 yrs. / White. Morgan, sweet, caring boy whose father treats him very badly. Some strong language. A fantastic role for a showreel, the crux of the film, must be able to act with his face, not just his voice.

2. Male / 6-10 yrs. / Any Ethnicity. Alex, a friend of Morgan's. Only needed for one day.


 Feature Film                          Open Casting

Candid Casting are casting a feature film for WT2 due to start shooting in Spring 2005. We are casting the lead role who is an 11 year old mixed race boy (caucasian and african/carribean mix). This will be a paid role.  
We are holding workshop auditions over the next couple of weeks and would be interested in hearing from parents of any boys that fit the above description.  
If you know of a boy that would be interested please email us on casting@candidcasting.co.uk or call on 020 7636 6644.  
Please note: we are only casting this role and therefore ask that you ONLY email/call if you can help us with this specifically. Many Thanks, Gemma Sykes


 Short Film                              Open Casting

Girl: Playing Age 12 needed to play a daughter talking and playing with her dad on a playground in a park. Filming early February, for aprox 4 hours duration. Sorry, this is a low budget production, so there is no payment. however final cuts will be available on minidivi. Must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times. Perfect for showreel material. For more information, contact Aiman Zahabi at Aiman73@hotmail.com or by phone on: 07904 000969


Student Film:Ceilings and Doors (Working Title)  Open Casting

Northern Media School Short Film

Synopsis:Ceilings and Doors is a haunting 5 minute film about the relationship between a father (Denis), and his daughter (Helen). Denis regrets the choices he has made in life, rejects his reality and therefore his family, and seeks escape and emotional release in his rock n' roll record collection. Helen desperately seeks his approval and tries to reach him through his love of music.  Cast breakdown:

1) Helen - 8 year old girl. Expressive looking child with the ability to convey emotions non-verbally. 

2) Eoin - 12 year old boy to play the Helen's brother. Cheeky looking boy, bit of a messer!

This film will be shot for 7 days (28th Feb- 6th March) in Sheffield. This is student production and unfortunately our budget is miniscule! Therefore we are unable to pay a fee to our actors. We will provide food, travel expenses and a copy of the film. We are very flexible with audition dates and can work around your availability. Ideally we would like to start seeing the actors from next week on.

Contact:clairedix@gmail.com - Director mobile: 077 601 76945  ritafeng0314@yahoo.co.uk - Producer. Mobile: 079 097 68235


 Short Film        'Sisters'             Open Casting

Artemis Films are shooting their new psychological thriller, 'Sister', on 16th February 2005. 2 young actresses are needed for a series of flashback sequences for 2 warring sisters, one looking obviously older. Should be no older than 12. Single day outdoor shoot, playing in a graden. Script available on request. This is an unpaid job but travel for the girls and one guardian, food and drink and a copy on completion will be provided.
The Children and Young Persons Act (1963) has been consulted and will be adhered to in all regards.

Please contact:
srubes@another.com  Artemis Films, 9 Blondin Avenue, London W5 4UL 07862224961

1 Feb -closed
 'Movies in Motion'                     Open Auditions

Juxtaposed Productions are holding open auditions for Children between the age of 5 and 16 to appear in ‘Movies in Motion’at The Opera House, Manchester. Auditions will be held at The Dance House, Manchester on Saturday 19th December 2004. For further information contact info@juxtaposedproductions.co.uk

 19 Dec-Closed

Student Short Film     'Ex Malo Bonum'      Open Casting

2 boys aged 6-10 years needed to play the parts of 'Young Adam' and 'Young Sebestian'

For centuries a secret and sacred sect known as the Freemasonry has existed. However, over the past generations the powers within this society are divided. An unwilling Adam has been chosen to fight the evil powers, aided by premonitions that occur following the mysterious death of his father. He finds himself opposed by not only the evil forces within the masonry but also an unjust society and even the one he loves 'Sophia', which forces him to ask the question 'is it really possible that out of bad may come good?' Ex Malo Bonum......

This is a 30-minute short film produced by students from the London Guildhall University. We are hoping to shot around March 2005, possibly earlier. This is our final project for our Film and Broadcast Degree thus are determined to make an exciting, stimulating, artistic drama. It is our aim to enter this film in one of the many competitions/festivals in 2005. All refreshments and transport costs will be paid for. Casting will begin around the 7th December, however dates can be arranged to suit. for More information please contact: Layla Gunter, 41 Waterman Way, Wapping, London, E1W 2QW or e-mail: daisydaisy007@hotmail.com

 7 Dec-closed

Student Short Film           Open Casting

New York Film Academy Short film. Open Casting – Monday, 29th Nov. - 06 pm at King’s Collge  in Drury Lane, LondonAward winning director is  looking for these  actors :

1.      oriental looking child  around 8 years old (main role of film) and one of his parents

2.      young  teenager, athletic, good at soccer, around 14 years old

3.      3-6 year old white boy  and mother

The director lives in Germany and is currently studying at the New York Film Academy in London. This is his final student movie. His last short won  first price in  a German Film Festival (check: www.aachenhotspots.de) .  The movie is going to be shot on 16 mm and afterwards distributed to various film festivals.  There will also be a screening at King’s College in January 05.

The story is about a oriental family that has just moved to London. Just arrived at their new house, the parents suddenly disappear, only leaving their bags. The young boy  takes their  heavy bags and the flower, which he has brought with him from his country and tries to get back to the train station. On the way he has to leave behind one bag after another while the flower keeps perishing…

More information and the script, contact: babakg@gmx.de,   Tel: 07835334908 As this is a student movie, only expenses and catering can be covered (everyone of course also gets a copy of the final film) Shooting days are: Sat. 04.12 and Sun. 05. 12. 05 There will also be a rehearsal day which we can then choose together. Thanks. Babak Ghassim

 Director fell ill, this may be rearranged

Student Short Film                    Urgent Call

My name is Austin Stack and I am will be shooting a short film on the 24th and 25th of November in the Wandsworth area of London. I require a male child actor between the ages of 6 and 9 years for the Wednesday shoot. The role is dialogue free but is one of the two main parts. I realise this is very short notice and would very much appreciate any help.I am a student at the Metropolitan Film School in clapham and I have also studied in new York and Dublin.The film itself is fully insured, has a working professional crew and will have a registered Health and Safety officer on set at all times.Unfortunately I would only be able to pay expenses but I would provide the boy and his chaperone with everything that they require for the day.The film will be shown in a picturehouse cinema in London before Christmas and industry professionals will be in attendance. There is also a chance that they might purchase it and show it in some of their 44 cinemas nationwide before the main feature. The Picturehouse Group and the Met Film school have a working relationship and they have bought a couple of films from each previous course.I am very confident about how the film will turn out and I intend to distribute it to festivals in this country and beyond.This is a great opportunity for a young actor starting out as I have assembled an experienced cast who believe strongly in the script. The story revolves around a young boy out to dinner with his seperated parents on his birthday. A stand-off ensues when the boy refuses to finish his dinner and his father forbids from having his cake until he does so. Matters get worse when a man enters the restaurant and proceeds to order everything on the dessert menu. I would prefer to let you read the script to find out more but suffice to say it is perfectly family safe. I am sure that it will achieve a PG rating by the censors.I look forward to hearing from you.Thanks, Austin Stack 02089836145/07748531249 Email austin_stack@hotmail.com

 Student Short Film  'Wrong Direction'        Open Call

Boy playing age of 15-17 years to play teenage Darren. Must be confident riding a bike as his character is seen breaking into a house and riding off on his bike.

Boy playing age 11-12 to play Adam, the adult Darren's son. Must be innocent, sweet, caring and polite with basic acting skills to show emotion and excitement.

This film is the story of Darren, a man who is running from his troubled past and present, towards his future, where he must change for he sake of his 11 year old son. This is a student film, and as such, can only afford to pay expenses for food and travel, but the final product is hoped to be entered into the Northern Film Festival. For further information, contact Gemma at faugh1010@aol.com sending a CV and a recent photograph. Filming is in January 2005

 1 Jan -
 Student Short Film         
Hi there,  We are looking for 2 actors to participate in a realist short set in Newport (South Wales) about a broken family.  Previous work includes a feature film titled 'once were boys' which is currently being prepared for entry to festivals. The format for this short is DV. The parents argue constantly driving their kids away from home. the youngest of the two brothers is angry and doesn't know how to channel his emotions so the older brother acts as a fatherly figure. The husband of the family is a painter and due to his artistic block cannot continue with his work.  The filming will be sometime over the next month and will involve a few days of shooting arond the newport area. The script contains some language and  takles problematic issues like offensive graffiti around the walls in town, The aim of the film is to tell a story about two kids growing up in a bad situation rising above the odds to make the best out of their current lifestyles. The parts for this film are:
Older Brother (Jim) 16 Very honourable and freindly, believes in rights for all fellow humans.Tries to teach younger brother to love his enemies. Jim is fairly skinny and not yet at the right age to stand up to his father.
Younger Brother (Adam) 11-12 Very self contained, stores his anger inside and only occasionally let's out  how he is feeling. Adam is a little bit chubby but sweet looking. Admires his older brother and see's him as a fatherly figure.
Unfortunately there is no money involved in the film but all the members involved are very passionate filmmakers and we would love to collaborate
with eager performers. The aims for this film are to enter festivals mainly around the student market and to say something worthwhile in a character based story. Contact details are as follows: Mob: 07753 226457  Email: r.swingle@ntlworld.com  address: 48 church rd newport  If you are interested please send emails or ring me to discuss the project. regards Richard Swingle
 Chinese boy for London Casting Fri 12 Nov
  • This for  2 weeks work 6 December and 13 December 2004.
  • This is for a filmed read through with other actors, with the director and DOP to workshop/pre-visualise the script. 
  • This will take place in a beautiful country estate in Chobham, Surrey. 
  • This will be paid at £50 per day, will include lunch and reasonable travel expenses.

Character - SHEN
8 – 9 year old boy. Actor will almost certainly be older. But must look this age to create empathy. Sensitive but tough looking. Travels from fear to extreme courage. Single minded. Loves deeply.  Speaks Chinese and English (ideally)

THE SILK ROAD - Synopsis
An 8 year old Chinese boy lives on a remote bird farm with his widowed father… Who smuggles technology into China to put ‘miracles’ on the internet.  When the father is caught and put in a notorious prison camp – ‘The Coalmine’ - the boy treks across China to find him and get him out.

PLEASE SEND CV AND HEADSHOT ASAP BY EMAIL TO: katrinamoss@eaglefilms.co.uk

 12 Nov- Closed
 Student Short Film  'David'                         Open Casting

Young looking boy (8-9 years) needed to play 'David', a young boy whose over active imagination causes a fear of washing machines - a fear that he must face when his mother forces him to wash his own clothes! The boy is timid and lonely, who adores his father and doesn't take his mother seriously. This role is an expenses only film ( within a reasonable distance!) and a copy of the finished product will be provided. The child will not be required for more than 4 hours a day, and a total of 7 days filming is planned. This film is hoped to be an entrant into several film festivals. For further information contact: Jon-Paul at jpwashington77@hotmail.com  or 07815802135 or by post at 5 Kingston Wharf, Hull, East Yorkshire.

 Nov 14-Closed
 Student Short Film  'Wet'                     Open Casting

Two young teenage Boys (13-16) are needed for a student film being shot in Brighton on the weekend of 6-7 November. We can pay all travel and food expenses from London to Brighton, plus provide a VHS or DVD of the performance.
If interested, please submit your details ASAP to Joseph Knowles at knowles@webllama.net, or telephone 0786 336 5373 to arrange for an audition in London.


Student Short Film  'Hunt For Lunch'   Open Casting

Hi I'm in the third year of my film degree at Farnham University and am making a 5 minute drama on 16mm film. We need three boys to play the part of an 8, 9 and 10 year old. We will be paying expenses only, there will be a plentyfull supply of food and refreshments and a copy of the film will be given to each of the actors.The story is set in the country, in the late 1980's and is focused around a girl of 7 who longs to be involved in her three older brothers games , what the children experience that day changes something in the little girl forever. The story is about innocence, fear, anger and change. If you are interested please contact me, my email is: isabellecasseem@hotmail.com


Student Short Film  'Monsters Diary'  Open Casting

We need child actor who is 6 to10 years old for my short film. we assumed this role was boy but we can consider a girl.
This film is a 7 to 10 min, non-dialog-psychological thriller/horror which is called "Monster's Diary"
This is pure and sad relationship between Man and  boy/ girl with horrible nightmare and twisted bad end. Filming is planned for a weekend in November - for up to 3 days. It is a low budget student film, and as such is an expenses only production, although a copy of the finished product will be provided.This film is going to be showing in 10th of December in our school (NY film academy in London). I also plan to submit this into some film festivals.If anybody is interested in this, please send me your CV with photo, then if we think you can be suitable, I can give you more detail and script.
Contact: Director Aki, at aki98@hotmail.com or by post : 546 A Lordship Lane, Woodgreen, London Postcode is N22,5BY
 27 Oct- Closed

 Student Short Film                          Open Casting

2 boys 6-14 (to play brothers) Filming will be at Haverhill, (25 mins from Cambridge)(Plus 2 actors needed to play the parents)

This is a story about the relationship between two brothers, the older one is jealous of the younger one, and the younger one gets his own back by giving his brother the fright of his life! As this is a student film, only expenses can be covered, ( plus possible accommodation if necessary too) with a copy of the finished product. The final film will be a 3rd year Degree submission, and the Director hopes to submit it to various film festivals.Contact: Stephen Shepperson, the Director, for fuller details on the story, and any other questions at:  Squishy1983@hotmail.com or call 01782 253366 CV's and any showreels should be e-mailed or sent to 52 Boughey Road, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, ST4 2BQ


 Community Advice Video             Open Casting

1 Somali Family (Somali Parents, around the age of 40, and Somali young teenagers, about 12 to 14 years old)
1 Bengali Family (Bengali Parents, around the age of 40, and Bengali young teenagers, about 12 to 14 years old)
1 White British Family (White British Parents, around the age of 40, and White British young teenagers, about 12 to 14 years old)

Medialink is looking for teenage actors from different cultural backgrounds to represent the cultural diversity in Tower Hamlets. This 15 minuite dvd will be distributed free across the Borough of Tower Hamlets.

No previous experience is necessary, as Medialink believes in giving a chance to first-timers. However, the roles for the teenagers are quite demanding, displaying aggressive or depressed behaviour.
The casting for this video will take place mid October in East London. For more info ring 0207 422 0002 or e-mail jobs@medialinkworldwide.co.uk.
Medialink also welcomes applications by actors who don't fit the description for this casting. If you would like to be considered for future castings, please send your details to Medialink. Find the address on www.medialinkworldwide.co.uk

 Billy Elliot Girls Ensemble                 Open Audition

Girls 10-14 years Must live within the M25

9am registration at London School of Musical Theatre, 83 Borough Road, London SE1. Bring a recent photo, a drink, and prepare to Sing, Dance and Act! Contact Jessica or Claire for Further Information on 0207 4944001

 2 Oct-Closed

Independent Short Film                                Open Casting

14-16 year old White Male actor, with Cerebral Palsey needed for a film being shot in London for up to 2 days between 18-22 October. This is a story of 2 children on a mission to honour their mother, with a beaut