Do NOT Feed The Trolls

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Do NOT Feed The Trolls

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We have been the victims of an attack by Internet Trolls here on NAPM.

Internet Trolls are sick people who think its really good fun going onto a happy forum, and disrupting its friendly atmosphere. They do this by posting insulting, arguementative, rude, inflamatory, malicious, racist (etc etc) posts for the sole purpose of causing an arguement. Then they sit back and see how well their handiwork has the expense of many innocent people. As if this isn't enough, if they do it enough, the members then become arguementative and suspicious amongst themselves..thus making the problem worse. Sometimes, they are very clever, and have thoroughly researched their subject before be wary..(Luckily our main troll was a bit thick and was easy to spot. 'I'm a member of the production and what you say is a lie'...)

Some sites completely close down due to their efforts.

NAPM WILL NOT become another victim, and I would urge members to be VERY careful when they respond to a post that might have been posted deliberately, and solely, to incite an arguement.

Please look them up, there is a LOT of information about them on the web, giving you an idea on how they operate.

If you see a post that may have been written by a troll DO NOT engage them in an arguement...(no matter how tempting that might be..!!) Simply respond with a 'Do Not Feed The Trolls' post...which will in turn warn other users that they should not engage in a big public arguement - and this should stop it dead in its tracks. Contact me IMMEDIATELY and let me know where the post is, so that I can remove it.

Some discussion may get slightly heated, as different opinions are posed, so if this posting appears, and you are not a troll, please don't take it as an accusation...but merely as a reminder that we all want this site to remain open, and the good atmosphere on here will be the driving force for it to continue.

Anyone seen engaging a troll will get a warning letter from me and possible suspension from this site.
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