Reality Tv Shows - a good career move?

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Reality Tv Shows - a good career move?

Post by WildChild »

I'm wondering what the consensus is with regards to families/children who are in the industry, currently building their careers with increasing success, going onto a reality tv show. Is it a positive move? As far as I know they don't pay, so there is no financial incentive. Depending on the show and how competitive it was, it could show oneself at their worst. We've recently been contacted by a producer asking if we would go forward for a programme, and it looks like it could be emotionally and physically challenging, but also a neat historical experience. Just wondering what other people think about the reality of reality TV on emerging talent and the impact on their future...??? Would you do it?
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Re: Reality Tv Shows - a good career move?

Post by pg »

I certainly wouldn't, and I'm pretty sure my son and daughter in law ( both actors ) wouldn't either.

As an actor you play a role and generally know the script and the intention from the start. You can be reasonably confident that most people will know that you are just playing a role.

If you take part in "reality " TV, you are also playing a role, but you probably won't know what it is until the manipulated and edited version of what you thought you were doing is there for the public to see.

It can certainly provide "celebrity " for some - and of course some job offers come from celebrity status. However, I'm certain I'd rather do without the jobs than be at the mercy of the whim (or the
preconceived intention) of producer and editor - because that will always be done in the interest of "entertainment " - not to reflect truth.

It depends what you're after I suppose. I'd certainly advise caution.
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Re: Reality Tv Shows - a good career move?

Post by Ditzi »

Totally agree with pg.
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Re: Reality Tv Shows - a good career move?

Post by daisydoodle »

Not reality TV as such but my DD (and us!) are taking part in a CBBC game show - I'm fine with this as it's more experience in front of camera and will be good fun for my DD and her friends (not sure about us!!).
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