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film V stage

Post by francescasmum »

DD is in White Christmas this week and we watched the film last night. We were both in agreement that we preferred the stage version and it got me thinking about other productions that have a film and stage version. In this case the stage version was written after the success of the film, where as others like Les Miserables, the film was made on the back of the stage success. They are going to remake the Mary Poppins film and it has been announced that Wicked is to be made into a film too, it will be interesting to see what they keep in/take out or change.
Next week we are going to see The Girls, a musical of Calendar Girls, how ever this is different as the original wasn't a musical, similar to Billy Elliot.
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Re: film V stage

Post by napmfm »

We loved Les Mis the movie and it introduced us to the show and the rest is history, so it has a lot to answer for!!!

I believe Billy was planned as a film and a show at the same time, the plan was to launch the film then the show straight afterwards, definitely prefer Matilda the show, Charlie the film and a bit indifferent with the Sound of Music
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Re: film V stage

Post by Yorkshirepudding »

The general opinion in my house seems to be:

Matilda - stage =D> Unanimous. Everybody loved it.
Les mis - stage but only just, and as napmfm said, kids only got into les mis after seeing film
Sound of Music - film. Love it love it love it.
Charlie - haven't seen stage yet - cast recording on hard rotation in car, and trip to Big Smoke planned for new year, so an uninformed vote for film, with reservations about both film versions.
Chitty chitty bang bang - having just seen new West Yorkshire playhouse production, the family view is now stage! Film is great but drags a bit in places.

I expect we will think of some more over the Christmas telly period! Good game this. Lots of heated debate and happy memories.
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Re: film V stage

Post by Dwafffamily »

Les Mis-stage
Mary Poppins-both
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Re: film V stage

Post by CatKat_0 »

Matilda stage
Charlie film
Billy stage
Chitty not seen stage yet but film hard to beat
Mary Poppins - both very different
Lion king??
Wizard of Oz - film
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