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Pushy mums

Post by napmfm »

I recently read an article on Spotligt, that pointed back to this forum, about how all us pushy's should behave, I'm sure others saw it but I found it a tiny bit patronising.

We offer up our children, make them learn heaps of scripts, trapes all over the place going to castings then hang around for hours, every time time is costs a fair bit too, on the whole we are polite, patient never ask for tea and only occasionally ask for a toilet. We are rewarded for our commitment to their cause, when I say their. I mean the casting director, with the occasional 'No' , but more often than not we don't hear anything at all, the whole process is very stressful for DC and me.

There were some parts of the article I agreed with but sometimes those CDs who are less experienced at dealing with kids and most agents should stop seeing us as a necessary evil and look at how hard we work for them.

Rant over and proud to be pushy :)
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Re: Pushy mums

Post by RoseTowers4 »

I'm sure there are lots of places where other parents also give as much as we do - ie tennis, gymnastics, football etc. If we weren't at the casting, stage door, auditions etc. then neither would any kids be there either. We support our kids because they love doing what they do, and that is why this site is so important for so many of us. :D
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Re: Pushy mums

Post by weed »

Hi Napmfm

I wrote the piece you're talking about and I'm a regular poster on here so I thought it would be a bit odd if I didn't respond!
If I'm going to thank people for the nice things they say about what I've written I guess I shouldn't ignore the negative.
I just wanted to say it wasn't meant to be patronising - I've done all the things I warned against in the piece myself so it's only meant to be bit of, quite tongue in cheek, advice for people new to all this - which they can take or leave obviously!
I'm the last person who would diss parents of performing children and I say in the piece that most people I have come across are not pushy in the way people generally use that word at all but actually very supportive and go to great lengths to support their child's ambitions.
Thanks for commenting - it's always good to know how the pieces have been received - good or bad.
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