Real work before going to college

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Re: Real work before going to college

Post by francescasmum »

I thought so too Dwafffamily, I was amazed at how enthusiastic they all seemed, from my experience of chaperoning in the theatre the adults are not usually that enthusiastic - in fact they often look like they would rather be doing something else. On that note we recently saw a very funny show called 'The Play that Goes Wrong' which addressed the issue of reluctant stage hands in an hilarious way.
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Re: Real work before going to college

Post by paulears »

It would be lovely if work was so exciting everyone was enthusiastic - I'm bored to tears tonight, and typing this while waiting for my next cue to arrive. Its a good show, but I've heard every joke before, and I would love to be doing something else, and a bit more enthusiastic. Funnily - Derek Acorah's show tomorrow has just been cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances - seriously!
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