Watching auditions

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Watching auditions

Post by Gatesheadangel »

This week I saw DD audition for the first time ever. It had never occurred to me that I watch her practise and prepare audition songs and speech and then never actually see myself how she does. By the time she's on stage it's after weeks of rehearing, in costume & makeup etc. It was improvisation which she isn't too comfortable about, but the hilarious thing was I must have been the most embarrassed person in the room! I'm treating this all as an enjoyable journey, but it's definitely one i'm being taken on, having never as a child myself been interested in any performance beyond choir and orchestra, and now sitting in a room with drama improv!

The facilitator was great, really explaining clearly to the kids and adults in a short time what the project was and what was asked of them at the audition. At the end they were given a really great quick pep talk.

The best bit was going home talking about what had happened. We both immediately agreed on the girl who had been the outstanding performer in the room, and discussed ideas on what DD did right or could have done better. I had seen for myself very clearly in the audition that DD was too small for the part and too intimidated by the group of teens, and felt pleased that I could have such an insight. It was a rare and wonderful bonding experience about something which DD loves and I'm always baffled about.

Mind you, some of the parents I have met this year would probably have been standing next to their child telling them what to do..... :D
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Re: Watching auditions

Post by fartoomuchtodo »

Blimey! My DS is only just OK with me watching him on monitors as he films - and that's only 'cos I have to as chaperone. Cannot imagine the look on his face if I said I wanted to watch an audition! He just about (under protest) does line runs with us.

Good for you and the wonderful relationship you must have with your DD =D>
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Re: Watching auditions

Post by ruby95 »

My mum once had to sit in on an audition of mine (BBC policy at the time I think) and I really liked it for the reasons you said. It was really interesting to have someone to discuss it with afterwards!
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Re: Watching auditions

Post by CatKat_0 »

I think my kids would hate it if I had to sit in. They're not even happy to practice lines with me. Even though I can't really offer any advice anyway. I'm a chemist and have no a clue when it comes to auditions. They have some great tips for me when I'm panicking about having to speak in public.
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