The Voice 2013

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Re: The Voice 2013

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On the night, I liked Matt the best. He looked natural, gave absolutely everything and delivered brilliantly. You could see how much he wanted it too. I was disappointed in my favourite, Mike - I did think he was a bit pitchy in his final song and, I agree - "Green Green Grass..."?? I'm a huge Tom Jones fan but really! I still think he has a great future in the US though.

I thought Andrea might win. I find her voice extremely soothing and I can imagine her selling lots of albums, although not necessarily in the UK.
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Re: The Voice 2013

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heard on the radio that Irish Andrea has albums out already, made in Ireland :-k
francescasmum wrote:I didn't think the voice was specifically looking for a 'pop star', thought that was the job of The X Factor. I didn't watch the whole series, probably only two or three first round, where it is purely on the voice and I picked out these two finalists as being the 'purest' singer and the 'most marketable/ distinctive' but I wouldn't say either of them are modern style singers. They are both however 'pop' as pop is short for popular and they must have been that to win and come runner up, so I've just disproved my own argument :lol: so I'll go now!
I agree that pop star was wrong term, and Andrea was voted winner by the public ..because of her Voice, and putting personal preferences aside, wasn't this the point of the programme. If that was what they said they were looking for ...a pure 'voice', that's what they then I wonder why the judges (media, press, audience on the night etc) were so shocked Andrea won, or rather...disappointed that it was not Leah - as they kind of are contradicting the point of the show arn't they ? :-$ I think it goes to show that it wasn't just someone with a good 'voice' that the judges wanted, they wanted an all round pop star, marketable ,next big thing, good mover, degree of stage presence , which was Leah, not Andrea - so perhaps next series they'll be careful on who they put in the final , taking nothing away from Andrea btw.
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