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With the announcement that Romeo Beckham aged 10 is to model for Burberry, there has been a lot of discussion about the pros and cons of this life. Womans Hour this morning discussed it with a former child model, and other experts in the field. Some say that with Vcitoria and David's experience in the field, theey're best placed to see their child is protected. Others argue that childhood should be a time to play and not to spend time in front of a camera (although I imagine Romeo is in front of a camera whether modelling or not, being the son of famous parents).
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If you have the right temperament as a child (patient, placid, easy going with complete strangers -children and adults - and patient some more) it is enormous fun. Ds had a great time as a youngster and Romeo is actually quite old to start modelling. It is a lot less time consuming than stage or film/tv and pays really well :D The pics I saw suggest Romeo's a bit of a natural 8)
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