Guidance for a First Timer!

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Guidance for a First Timer!

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Firstly, thank you all for such a wealth of advice and guidance on here - it has been so incredibly helpful!
So, my DS attended a Matilda audition on 30th April. He got a recall to the second round on the same afternoon. At the end of the audition the Casting Team said we would hear either way during last week (cue me anxiously checking my email every spare second!)
However we have still heard nothing at all.
Is this usual? Do I presume we will not now hear back at all and it is a no?
Thankfully DS has been preoccupied with SATs this week, so it hasn’t been on his mind, but I don’t have an answer for him when his mind returns to Matilda and he asks what is happening with it.
Any wise thoughts and guidance on this for me, a complete novice at this whole process, would be gratefully received!
Thank you!
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