Summer School Recommendations

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Summer School Recommendations

Post by Bbzoom »

Looking to book a summer school (if I am not too late for this) for DD who will have just turned 14.

For reference, she will have just taken RAD Intermediate and just taken Grade 5 IDTA modern.

She is looking for something to push her a bit. We are a long way from London so don’t want to use ££££ for something where no experience is needed.

She loves ballet, contemporary, modern and musical theatre. Hates street and commercial!

Looking at the likes of Rambert, Italia Conti, Urdang etc but just don’t know. Any recommendations gratefully received.
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Re: Summer School Recommendations

Post by islandofsodor »

For ballet I highly recommend Malvern Ballet Seminars

For Musical Theatre/Dance dd enjoyed Bird. She didn't enjoy Tring.
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