Peter Pan live remake

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Peter Pan live remake

Post by showbiz »

Just heard that Peter Pan is going to be made into a new live Disney remake! Will be interested to see casting desicions/audition info for this!
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Re: Peter Pan live remake

Post by daisyjane »

Am I being deluded or did I read online that Ed Sheeran was being considered for Peter?? Surely not??
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Re: Peter Pan live remake

Post by TheatreTaxi »

Don’t know about Ed Sheeran :lol: but has anyone heard back after submitting a child for this?
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Re: Peter Pan live remake

Post by Hilltop »

I haven’t heard anything.
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Re: Peter Pan live remake

Post by Calgan »

Any news anyone?
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Re: Peter Pan live remake

Post by Yorkshirepudding »

If it is confidential it may be that people with news are unable to say...

Let's hope so ;) :-k
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Re: Peter Pan live remake

Post by FredaBloggs »

DS auditioned for this before Christmas, before the open casting call went out. The CD said at the time that they were right at the beginning of the process and it might take a while.

We weren't asked to sign an NDA to audition, so presumably there's no restriction on people posting if they've heard back about audition slots. I think it's just that they only really got going at the beginning of January and it's not going to be a quick process - really wouldn't give up hope just yet.

The CD also said she would give an answer either way (and her track record on that score is pretty good) but we've heard nothing yet, so presumably first rounds are still ongoing.
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Re: Peter Pan live remake

Post by SammyAri »

Any news?
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Re: Peter Pan live remake

Post by x_sugarplumfairy_x »

My friends twins went for a casting for this last week so they're still on first round Auditions at the moment.
Hope they call my DD in she'd love this! I think it's approx age 8-11ish for the lost boys x
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