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A section where friends, parents or our performers can let everyone know where to see them!

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Posting in this Forum...

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This forum was a great suggestion by one of our regulars!

Post in here to let people know when your photo appears in a magazine, your programme is going to be on the TV, the film in the cinema, play on the radio etc, etc..even a review in a paper...then we all know to look out for specific things, know where to find our NAPM kids, and that certain things are more special to look out for!

All posts will be on here for one month before they will naturally don't post too early... ;) (plus people forget if its too early!!)

Please don't post anything other than notifications of 'appearances' and comments in reply. Thanks!!
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Re: Posting in this Forum...

Post by glynis »

Just to say my dd will be on t.v. tonight in South Riding on BBC1 at 9.00. She's one of the Holly children, she filmed it last summer holidays in Yorkshire and had a ball. Tried to do a smiley face, but it just printed lol!
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Re: Posting in this Forum...

Post by Lorenita »

My dd will be performing at the Albany theatre for Dance make your move dance competition on the 22nd June.
Hopefully will get some pics and video to share. Is any one else performing in this competition?
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