Very concerned about dance teacher

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Very concerned about dance teacher

Postby scottishdancer00 » Mon Oct 09, 2017 11:34 pm

While my DD has years of MT / Jazz experience she only recently started ballet (around 9/10 months ago ) to get some preparation in for Uni Musical Theatre auditions next year . We just enrolled her at a local school and it has really been fabulous for her . Her teacher was and is absolutely lovely and has such a fabulous rapport with the students - however - I have never seen someone lose weight more quickly or look more ill than this lady now does. 10 months ago she was slender but now she looks like she could drop at any moment .
1. I am obviously concerned for her health but 2. I'm very concerned at the influence this will be having on my daughter as she makes a jump into a professional career. DD has reported on days where they are at the studio all day she will eat nothing at lunch times - this cannot be a healthy role model !!!

Any ideas how to broach this subject ? As far as I know the teacher is originally from Australia and all family live there so I feel almost a need to try and help this obviously sick woman in her early twenties but I'm very unsure of how

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Re: Very concerned about dance teacher

Postby fartoomuchtodo » Thu Oct 12, 2017 8:04 am

I can't really comment on the effect this may have on your DS. How old is she? My kids frequently go all day without eating - I think it's a teenage thing. With regard to the teacher's health, unless you have an unusually close relationship with her I think you need to be careful. The most I think I would do is try to catch her alone(ish) and just ask her how she is, perhaps say if she needs anything just ask, that kind of thing.

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