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Online words

Postby Adrianna1312 » Thu Aug 16, 2018 4:07 pm

Hi all, this isn't acting/ drama related. However, recently my DS school has come under fire due to issues in the community. Some of the online posts and comments were awful, threatening, down right disgusting and rude. My ds has written an open letter addressing those who use online forums in such a way. I am immensely proud of him and his decision to stand up for his fellow students and peers and thought I'd share his letter with you all. This forum has been so friendly and helpful to us over the last year so a chance to thank everyone also for their help navigating this minefield :) x

In recent weeks I have noticed a number of incidents involving boys outside of school which have generated a lot of online interest. The aim of these posts starts out in the hope of identifying these boys and ensuring they are held accountable for their actions. However, they soon seem to escalate into sessions for people to run down the school and the students that attend it.
As someone who has just completed year 8 at St Birinus, these comments have both angered and upset me and I wanted to have the chance, as a student of the school, to be heard.
I don’t appreciate being called “scum” or labelled in negative ways, talked about and stereotyped online, simply because a small minority of students are being prats and acting in a way that is not in keeping with the school ethos - or ‘anyone with manners’ - ethos for that matter.
Our school is not perfect, I realize this, but no school is. I challenge anyone to name me a school that has a perfect record where every pupil is behaved all of the time whether inside or out of school?
I feel upset that a few individuals' actions tarnish our school's reputation and that the community sees us as drug taking scum, unruly, aggressive, rude boys - to be avoided when seen out and about.
If you want something done you need to get up and do it, it's too easy just to join the bandwagon of abusers online and not do anything to help the situation. I appreciate some users may have had run ins with the school or the pupils so maybe speaking from experience and not feel able to speak up. However, if you genuinely feel that we are any number of the things mentioned online, then come and raise the issue with our headteacher - or any teacher at St Birinus for that matter - and I can guarantee you that they will welcome the opportunity sit down, talk about it and, perhaps, even show you around the school, proving that even though some individuals may make mistakes sometimes, we are actually as good as any other school.
Of course, these incidents should not go unpunished as they are terrible and need to be dealt with. Speaking with the school and working with them can help identify those individuals and help the school take action with the students and thier parents and hopefully build a better relationship with the community to ensure things like this do not continue to happen.
At times I know we may not seem as well behaved as other schools but that is because you may have no idea what goes on there yourself. We do not all deserve the stereotype you give us so easily, and I certainly think that people who sit online running others down, not willing to each out to the school or help the school take action but are happy to sit there talking badly of us in a place where noone will challenge their opinion then those comments should be more reserved and thought through. In an age of social media, you never know who might see them and what negative action they may cause.
So, come please, reach out to Mr Marston and let me personally, as an ambassador for the school, show you around if you wish. I won’t hide anything, I’ll show you us just like we are, and of course prove you wrong and show you all the good the school is doing and all the amazing students, working tirelessly within.
Daniel, Year 9

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Re: Online words

Postby RoseTowers4 » Fri Aug 17, 2018 12:14 am

=D> =D> =D>
Brilliantly put. =D>
I live in an area where the local school has been talked about in a negative way for a long time and we are trying to turn public opinion around. It only takes a few people to jump on the bandwagon and any good things that happen are lost. Well done to him for writing such a brilliant letter.

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