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Post by Melaniec123 » Mon May 06, 2019 12:08 pm

(Posting this here as it may be useful for anyone looking for an agent! :D )

Hi all I hope you’re all having a fabulous day!

Logging on here onto my mums account from a few years back, as it was an invaluable platform for us when I was younger and thought thus would be worth posting!

I broke my ankle really badly a couple of weeks ago, taking me out of the acting game for quite a long time - and so for something to do in the break I have started an editing service!!

I have always loved editing, and have been making showreels for myself and my friends, editing YouTube vids and shorts together for people for years. I have been editing my own self tapes for 8 years and have booked a few roles directly from them, so really happy to help. So here goes!

I can help with fast turnaround self tapes, showreels, voice reels and footage edits. I am an actor myself so rest assured there won't be any ridiculous rates or hidden fees, literally just what it says on the tin.

All details, prices and some examples of my recent edits below! Im quite clued up on the different styles and lengths of showreels preferred by agents & CD’s, and and could offer alternate versions for you to use.

My showreel:

Recent self tapes:


An audition self tape edited and sound checked ready to send to your agent/casting director.
Compressed to a small easily sendable file and sent to you through WeTransfer or uploaded to a private downloadable Vimeo link. Fast turnaround.

An audition reel of your favourite self tapes/scenes from self tapes.

Can be handy to have both a UK and a US self tape reel to send to CD’s. Very useful to have if you don’t have a showreel yet, or have improved since filming the scenes on your current showreel. Casting directors will often ask for this when they availability check you before calling you in or getting you to tape for the role they’re casting.

An edit of your scenes/clips from a TV episode, film or short., piecing all of your clips together so its once clip focusing on you.

Perfect if you already have a showreel and want a new scene adding, or if you just want to have one clip showing off all of your work from that particular project. Happy to add this into a pre-existing showreel.

A full showreel, showcasing all of your favourite work for the eyes of casting directors & agents.

Could be any of the following:

TV & Film showreel
Theatre reel
Commercial / Advert reel
Music video reel
Corporate reel
Voice reel
Dance reel
Singing reel

For both footage edits and showreels I can download all of the footage offline for you if you only have links or don’t want to compromise on quality to send large sized files over. I have all the software to pull footage from Vimeo, BBC iplayer, E4, ITV hub, etc so can happily get any footage you want to use.


To get in touch either message me on here, or email me at

Stay creative! \:D/

Bethany x

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