Bonnie & Betty or Daisy & Dukes

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Bonnie & Betty or Daisy & Dukes

Post by Parkington » Wed Jul 19, 2017 7:12 am

Does anyone have experience of both agencies? My DD is currently with D&D but offered representation with BoBe. She's had 2 small supporting roles with D&D in 2 years and no castings; do you think a fresh start with new agency will help? We're in the north and although she would enjoy modelling she'd prefer acting roles.

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Re: Bonnie & Betty or Daisy & Dukes

Post by tracie » Wed Jul 19, 2017 12:10 pm

Hi. The bit of advice I will give is keep the agency small. We were with 2 very big agencies including B&B and it was awful. I find the bigger the agency the less they know of your child. We are from the North West and have a wonderful agency now up North who have been fantastic. We were with another big agency in Manchester before B&B and that was rather awful as well. Since being with our current agency my child has had so many auditions and been short listed for some things. The important thing for me is that they know my son so well and put him up for things they know he would be good at. Its such a personal approach which is far different from the big agencys. B&B are very big with modeling. Sometimes bigger isn't better. If you want to message me privately please do. Tx

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