Auditioning for 2020 entry

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Re: Auditioning for 2020 entry

Post by Dancecrazy » Mon May 24, 2021 12:47 am

Mrsmoby wrote:
Sun May 23, 2021 12:19 am
Dancecrazy wrote:
Sat May 22, 2021 9:54 pm
Mrsmoby wrote:
Sat May 22, 2021 8:14 pm

Hi I know this is an old post but do you mind telling me what the IC Guildford site is like? My dd has been offered a place on MT BA Hons there and at PPA. She’s seeing PPA tomorrow but we’ve no idea what ic is like other than the shop front
My dd attends IC but at the Barbican site .
She did her audition in Guildford . Don’t be put off by the shop front appearance . That’s just the reception and uniform shop . My dd said they have large studios at the back .
To be honest I’ve never heard of PPA but IC is one of the top performing arts colleges in the UK
Thank you so much. It’s so hard when they’ve not been able to look around and get a feel for the places etc
No problem . Apologies I can’t give you any more info on the Guildford site . I was taken aback when I saw it but dd said it’s big inside . What I will say is that the teaching is excellent and student welfare seems to be a top priority. My dd loves it . Naturally the students have their little quibbles but they are about very minor things in my opinion 🤣
I would highly recommend IT

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