Should you say you have an offer at interviews?

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Re: Should you say you have an offer at interviews?

Post by jennifer1972 » Mon Feb 19, 2018 10:24 am

Robin64 wrote:Injury, bad luck to name a couple. A degree is a degree and could lead to a pgce or another change in direction. We all go our different course and have our own finances, educational aspirations etc. I am under no illusions that any stage career is guaranteed after this process much as it would be DDS dream job. Its just a bit of back up plus the only affordable option.
I agree! Unfortunately the majority of MT students will find themselves retraining at some point in the future, so although at an audition, nothing counts except for performance, in the long run a BA will prove invaluable. Just my opinion!!

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Re: Should you say you have an offer at interviews?

Post by theMTAonline » Mon Feb 19, 2018 11:44 am

What our graduates are doing is paying to train for that 'between jobs' career with the earnings from their performing jobs. So the onus is on them to fund that second career not the parent. It is possible to have a life long career in the industry, and whilst it's still early days, 76% of our grads are carving out sustainable careers for themselves. It's something that we look at as part of their training. That said, our course definitely isn't for everyone - I was just putting the other viewpoint into the mix, and acknowledging that it's something that we deal with within the confines of the training.

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