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Re: confusion between different boards

Postby Rose20 » Tue Sep 20, 2016 3:12 pm

I've come across this before and found that although you can get UCAS points for some dance, singing grades etc few colleges include them in their offers for courses.
My daughter has the equivalent to an AS level C (at the age of 13) but I know it is not equivalent to this in reality! However, we do still value what she has achieved in terms of skills. :D

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Re: confusion between different boards

Postby Curiousdancemum » Fri Jan 19, 2018 8:49 am

22tutus wrote:yes that is true about the range of levels a grade can be performed at and the teacher's expectations of their pupils.

Interesting lyndahill. I have only had experience with the lower grades but certainly the ISTD and RAD exams are around the 30 minute mark and for the same number of students the IDTA and BTDA ones seem to be 10 minutes which would give the impression that they can't be examining the same amount of work unless they just do it very differently?

but if IDTA grades are the same then why was their grade 6 not granted UCAS points and is that why they got rid of it? if their grade 5 was equivalent to the others grade 6 then presumably they ought to get UCAS points for their grade 5?

IDTA don’t have a grade 6 Ballet Tap or Modern. I think that’s where your confusion is coming from. But yes the higher vocational grades DO count towards UCAS and this is broken down on their website.

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