Forum policies and what to do...

Important messages that you NEED to read, and re-read from time to time.

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Forum policies and what to do...

Post by admin » Thu Jun 08, 2006 12:49 pm

Do not send an insulting, hurtful or upsetting Private Message to ANYONE!
If anyone should receive a Private Message, that contains any form of insulting, threatening, grooming or other upsetting content, please send a copy of it to me IMMEDIATELY.

Be as honest and accurate as you can!
If someone appears to be posting anything that you believe to be a lie, or inaccurate in its content, please contact me or one of my moderators as soon as you can, with your evidence to the contrary, including an outside source that can be checked independently if possible. Please do not simply post anything accusing the origional poster of being a may not have all the correct information yourself..

Maintain a polite and curteous manner on the forum - this is a public place.
If anyone behaves in an upsetting or threatening manner on the forum, please PM Admin, or any of the Moderators, who will deal with the post as quickly as we can, before any further upset is caused. PLEASE Do not encourage insulting or threatening arguements, by argueing back!!

Maintain the privacy of conversations between your Agent/production company. It is completely unprofessional to discuss some private conversations, or to pass on private information..
If anyone discloses information that you feel they shouldn't be please PM them politely, and Admin as well, to avoid any complications between this site, and agents/production companies. Some do so, purely out of excitement, and don't necesarily realise they might be posting something they shouldn't..

Allow people their own privacy.
Should anyone pester you unreasonably for details of an audition, or 'insider' information about a production you are in, Please contact Admin, with a copy of (one of) the PMs, and details of your replies and I will bar the other user for a period if they do not adhere to my warning..

Don't post links or information that have nothing to do with our NAPM family and its interests
If anyone posts anything unusual or inappropriate (eg. advertising or porn websites) please let Admin or one of the Moderators know as soon as you can

In fact, if in doubt on Admin or one of the Moderators, and we will deal with any of the issues that come up, and add them to this list if necessary... please give us as much information as you can..If Everyone can help to watch these forums, it should help to keep the lovely atmosphere on here.

Thank You! :D
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