True Identities

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True Identities

Post by admin » Thu Jun 08, 2006 11:59 am

Identity Theft is a very serious offence, and anyone seen doing so, will be severly dealt with, and the relevant authorities notified with every available piece of evidence.

Just to remind everyone...people posting on this, (or any), forum may not be who they say they are. Just because someone says they are involved with 'such and such' production does NOT mean that they are. NAPM cannot be held responsible for the inaccurate details that some of these posters profess to be fact, although if anyone is found to be found posting under a fradulant character, matters will be taken very seriously, and reported to those that need the information.

Everyone should also remember that usernames on the NAPM forums, can be used elsewhere, on other forums, quite legitemately (and innocently), by completely different people. However, should they profess to be the same person, and NOT be, you should know that is a criminal offence, and will again be taken very seriously, and dealt with accordingly.

Please be aware that some people might not be genuine when they post. They could be lying. Although we tend to look at everyone being our friends on here...there are a (very small) few that are just out to disrupt the lovely atmosphere on here, just because they are sad individuals, who have nothing better to do, other than upsetting people for their own pleasure...

Their lives must be so miserable, that they can't stand seeing others experience a little happiness... :(
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