Child Safety and Personal Websites

Important messages that you NEED to read, and re-read from time to time.

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Child Safety and Personal Websites

Post by admin » Thu Jun 08, 2006 11:27 am

A word of warning about these sites.

Reading the thread on another forum, and ignoring all the unnessary and pathetic attacks on this site, there is a very good underlying point made by some of the people posting on there. I'm speaking essentially about personal websites.

Some websites are traceable, and the traces show up some very personal information - such as home address and even home phone numbers. You will need to check to see if yours DOES show this information, just to ensure that your children are safe. (Not every website info comes up in the search - some just go back to your site provider - eg. Ntl). Notapushymum would be an obvious site for a dodgy person to try and look for a child contact, by it think! - with the info available in some personal sites, and contact details available with a bit of searching....well you get my drift.

While there are plenty of arguements both for and against having these sites, all valid, having one is still your personal right. PLEASE try and do so safely and be fully aware of the people who may be looking at them.

Also please note:
*ensure your children are fully aware of the dangers of going off with a stranger, and have passwords in place if necessary, just in case someone unexpected will be picking them up..
*If going on any castings, that are not known to you or your agent (students for instance) let someone else know where you are going before you go.
*Try not to let your child go off with anyone unknown, unless you are able to be within earshot, or sight of them. Some well known and reputable casting directors will not let you come with your child, in case it puts them there may be exceptions to this, but your agent will know which ones are OK to go with.
*Performing children have the natural tendancy to be very confident children, from time to time, give them a little reminder of the dangers of talking to strangers (especially important with younger children)!

There are probably some other points i should add..but i can't think of them right i will add them as I think of them.

Please review this post from time to time, just to gently remind yourselves of some thoughts on protecting your children. Ours are some of the most vunerable, simply because they are so outgoing....
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