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Post by Catty12 » Wed Aug 03, 2016 1:34 pm

I'm new to this website and hope someone can help with a bit of advice. My teenage son wants some 'extra' work but everything seems to be in London - if he were to get an audition but he couldn't make it due to the travelling, I take it that this would create a bad impression?
Another point I've noticed is that some agencies say they want a copy of their passport - is this safe to do so? Would they accept a full drivers licence (he started On Board Training at age 12 and passed his test age 17) or birth certificate instead?

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Re: Scotland

Post by pg » Wed Aug 03, 2016 8:44 pm

Hello there.

It's probably better to post in "General" if you're not sure which section :) - though if you have a browse through posts you'll see what tends to go where.

This section is (I think ) intended for posts about the administration of the site.

Re: extra work.

All actors and extras have to go where the work is.
Mostly, you don't audition for extra work, you just get called at very short notice and asked to turn up somewhere ! Transport is rarely provided and extras usually have to be available from early in the morning.

Work is sporadic - but agencies still expect extras to have good availability - and to be available at short notice.
Changes to schedules happen with very little notice sometimes, so there's also the prospect of scheduled work being cancelled at short notice too :(

The best thing to do is see whether any extras agencies are happy to take him on. I don't know whether there are any that deal mostly with Scottish productions - there probably are. You could check in "Contacts" published by Spotlight to see whether there are any extras agencies listed in Scotland.

Most extras agencies will give details on their sites about what to expect.

Re:passport. This is almost certainly to do with establishing that he has the right to work in the UK. I would have thought driving licence and birth certificate would also do the job, you'll probably need to check that out with the agency.

They should check the document(s) with him present. They should also be able to provide reassurance about how they keep the copy of the document secure (but probably will be surprised to be asked...)

Welcome to NAPM.

Any further questions, I'm sure there'll be loads of people happy to help. :)

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