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talent inc

Post by nwm73@live.com » Tue Mar 29, 2016 8:16 am

Has any body had any experience with this company before?????

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Re: talent inc

Post by pg » Tue Mar 29, 2016 8:54 am

I have to go out now but will post a response in due course.

I'd advise not parting with any money without careful consideration and research.

In fact I think one could sensibly end that sentence after the word "money".

Will write more later.

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Re: talent inc

Post by pg » Tue Mar 29, 2016 4:24 pm

I can't find a website for the UK "branch" of Talent Inc - though the US one is easy to find. The "free audition workshop" that crops up in various places is an audition for "training" you have to pay for it's not audition for any kind of acting work. The only contact I could find for the UK workshops was a hotmail address...

There are a few points I'd like to make before I give an opinion on them:

1. Anyone is free to spend their money on whatever they like
2. If anyone from Talent Inc sees these posts and would like to enter in to a debate or answer questions I would be delighted
3. The following comments are my personal opinions and have nothing whatsoever to do with Not a Pushy Mum website with whom I have no affiliation - though I have been contributing to this forum for several years.

Talent Inc appear to offer training. Then there's an "opportunity" for a showcase. They do not say how much it will cost up front. That in itself is a massive red flag. All good schools are happy to state their fees before you step through any doors. The training is not full time. If it is true that some of the courses and "opportunities" run in to thousands of pounds (which seems to be what I can glean from some information around) then the training is very, very expensive compared to other establishments. There is no indication of who the teachers are, or what their expertise is.

The training is advertised as a way to "be seen" by industry professionals. It's quite likely that industry professionals do indeed attend some of the (very expensive) "showcases" organised by Talent Inc. However - and this, to my mind is the important bit - it is not necessary to PAY to be seen by industry professionals.

If agents are interested in your CV and photo and want to know more about you, they'll see you without you having to pay anyone.

If casting professionals are interested in you and think you may be suitable for a role they need to fill, they'll see you without you having to pay anyone.

Talent Inc seems almost entirely US centred. Most UK citizens (unless they already have a very high profile in the UK) will find it very difficult to work in the US. If a US company DOES want to employ a UK citizen then they might sponsor them and sort out the paperwork - however, this takes time and money and they need to be very sure they want you before they'll commit to such a thing. Going to the US without the right to work there and hoping that someone will employ you is highly likely (almost certain) to end in expensive disappointment. The best way to be employed by a US company is to gain a profile in the UK first - that means a body of work in the UK, being employed and becoming "known". Being part of a Talent Inc showcase does not make someone "known".

Some US companies employ UK nationals to work in Europe. This presents few problems in terms of employment. However, there's no need to go to the US to be considered. If the US CDs want to consider UK nationals, they'll look at UK actors represented by UK agents (and they do).

Talent Inc's publicity implies that they will open doors to US markets. This is very unlikely for most of us and should be determinedly and vigorously questioned by anyone who intends to pay Talent Inc money. Ask about the right to work in the US. Ask for time to check the answers you are given with an independent source.

If you want to increase your chance of professional work - get a good agent. You don't need to pay Talent Inc in order to be considered for agency representation.

If you want training, do some research and some cost comparisons. Most children will enjoy training - but they probably don't need it in order to get work. The exception is likely to be dance and musical theatre - auditions for this are generally very open and specialist dance and musical training is available all over the place. Talent Inc is unlikely to be the best source of MT training.

You don't need to train to be considered for commercials.
You don't need to train to be considered for most photo shoot type modelling.
If you have what it takes to be a catwalk model, a model agency will take you on without you paying anything.
Children do not need (though might well enjoy) training for film and TV. They might benefit from some information about what to expect in a TV or film audition (though the best CDs will explain what's needed at the time anyway).

The Talent Inc showcase is expensive. From what I can gather it is eye-wateringly expensive. If you want to do it - go ahead. But please go in to it with your eyes open. Ask searching questions and insist on time to check any information you are given before parting with money. If you are not allowed to go away and think about it (and check out the facts about what you have been told with independent sources who have industry knowledge) then you have your answer: they are just after your money.

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