The Hobbit, (the musical)

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The Hobbit, (the musical)

Postby bcnups » Mon Dec 31, 2012 1:09 pm

With the release of Peter Jackson's film of the same name, it seems the time is right for broadcasters to do retrospective programmes on all things Middle Earth. There was a lovely piece at 11 a.m. on Radio Four this morning, about the very first production of The Hobbit, (set to specially written music) at New College School, Oxford in 1967 featuring the choristers. The permission of Tolkien was sought, and he attended one of the performances. The whole production seems to have had a profound effect on everyone who took part. Interesting to learn about members of the very young cast who went on to greater things in Opera and musical theatre. It's also frozen in time, because a recording was made, which forty odd years later shows how amazing the whole production was. As a footnote, I also enjoyed hearing about how Dickensian the school then was!

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