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Chaperone Qualifications

Postby admin » Mon Jul 09, 2018 3:46 pm

Below is some highlights from an email I received about a training course that could be useful for many of you on this site:

Last year after many years treading the boards working as a chaperone. I gained experience from AD’s and Production - Co ordinators, and I wrote a training programme.

I am very proud to say my course is now City & Guilds Accredited.

The course is open to everyone working in production - dance school owners and teachers, chaperones, tutors, production AD’s and Co ordinators. I would like now to offer the course to parents.
Parents who like mysel,f want to know more about how production works - how to chaperone and crucially what the regulations are to ensure I meet them.

You do not need to hold a chaperones license to attend the course.

Certification lasts for 3 years.

The certificate would be good for local dance and theatre school owners to have on their websites.

I looked through over 60 up and down the country and only 1 had a nod to child protection and policy.

If I was a parent looking for a school for my child or grandchild - then I am only paying my money to the one who has a policy or child protection/ safeguarding guidelines on their site.

Below are the benefits of the course and a letter of introduction which outlines the course details - why we require it- who its aimed at - and how it mitigates risk.

• Delegates will receive a 3 year City & Guilds Accreditation certificate
• Skills Passport from Creative Skillset who support and advertise our course
• Accredited chaperones will be invited to host their details for free on the PART website - so they can be contacted direct for work
• Invitation to join our new BECTU branch, which I founded last year for chaperones

AT present the councils training is sketchy - many still do not train chaperones and indeed I am finding on the course, that some councils do not even interview chaperones. Any training that is delivered is by council licensing officers who have not been a chaperone to deliver effective training. Parent chaperones are not offered training.

PART - Practical Accredited Regulations Training - standardises training and gives continuity to produciton companies.

The course is not a safeguarding course but does in turn safeguard children and chaperones through the use of our audit trail - which delegates can keep and take out with them to work. This mitigates risk.
Please take a look at our website which outlines our course and company ethos.
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