Fame street?

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Fame street?

Post by Katygalloway » Sun Oct 20, 2013 9:30 am

I was looking at a website with auditions called famestreet? I was wondering if anyone knew anything about it, is it reputable? is it worth buying a membership? Is star now better? I am looking to get more auditions as my agency isn't supplying me with many. Any advice? thanks :)

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Re: Fame street?

Post by pg » Mon Oct 21, 2013 11:39 am

I'm pretty sure this has been discussed on NAPM before but I would steer clear of Fame Street.

If you have an agent they will certainly get better information than you could possibly get from here. It is not a site that will carry any kind of weight in the industry and any information on it about paid/professional jobs is likely to be pinched from elsewhere and is unlikely to be submitted directly to the site by the employer - hence applications via the site probably (almost certainly?) won't amount to anything. Almost everything it says would make me run a mile - there is no sense of industry reality about it at all.

An agent can only submit you for jobs and/or forge relationships with CDs and Employers which can lead to auditions for their clients. They can only very rarely "get" you an audition unless they (or your) have considerable clout in the industry - and then only if you have all the skills/experience/look for the job in hand. Agents don't decide who gets seen for jobs - so they are not in position to "supply" you with auditions. If you are concerned, then it is worth having a chat with your agent about what you have been submitted for over the last year and to ask what you can do to make your own CV more appealing to CDs and directors.

Submissions from agents (usually, but not always) will tend to be taken more seriously for paid, professional jobs than direct submissions from actors. Low paid or unpaid work is different - and if this is what you are after you could consider a site like Starnow (and free sites like Mandy and Screen Terrier), but you obviously need to exercise discretion as Starnow and Mandy do not not do any vetting of jobs on their sites.

If you are interested in unpaid work like student films then it is worth letting your agent know this (there's is not much incentive for an agent to put you forward for any unpaid work). You can send your details to the film schools yourself. It is a good idea to look for work for yourself - but I would make sure that you always keep your agent informed and don't accept a job without discussing it with your agent.

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