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Your new Forum

Post by admin » Mon Nov 07, 2005 3:10 pm

A new forum, specifically for web links. I have noticed several REALLY useful ones, and it would be a shame to loose them in among the other posts, when they can be so helpful for others! please note, this is ONLY for those helpful links, NOT personal ones, or ones advertising etc. Anything else will be removed.

Please do not post any old thing - or links to inappropriate sites, only ones that are relevant, and please, can you try and keep the same type of link to the same thread. That way, anyone looking for singing teachers for instance, only have to go to one thread to get all the links, and anyone looking for places to stay on another...get the idea?

Please do not continually re-post the same web address if it is already in the relevant thread, you'll only be using up my valuable storage space on the server! Also, once mentioned in this forum, please don't keep repeating it elsewhere on the other forums..I will assume that to be advertising, and unless you are willing to pay me for the privilage, I would prefer you to not do that. (they will be removed) Just direct everone here! ('there is a singing teacher in your area, on the web links forum' etc)

Please do not start a new thread, if there is already one with that subject going. It will be easier to find what you want, if you don't have to look through pages and pages... keep thread headings specific: 'Singing Teachers' 'places to stay' etc, but try not to be so specific, that no-one else will be able to add to it (eg 'singing teachers in North East Norfolk Area')

Thanks! :D
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